I adore those two. It’s both wonderful and infuriating how effortless they make that look.


As one who is learning to play sax at 59 y/o I couldn’t agree more. Phenomenal talent both of them.


nope, trombonist George Lewis, studied with him back in 78’, New York, monster



this is great! thanks

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Maybe Badbadnotgood?

This is really good, keep the noir jazz coming. <3

I don’t want to derail this thread into non-jazz spheres, but if you enjoy this and Bohren and have a slight interest in Wandelweiser/weird intonation stuff, check this release out:


I had a listen to the new the Necks album yesterday. As always it was great. I will definitely give it go today as well.

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RIP Henry Grimes. An underrated bassist whose talents graced so many jazz classics of the 60s. Spirits Rejoice, Complete Communion, Unit Structures…

I remember combing through the shelves at Cheap Thrills in MTL over a decade ago and landing on the mysterious cover of Grimes’ ESP-Disk release, The Call. That record definitely cemented my interest free jazz at the time.


Have been quite enjoying this classic John Carter album this morning:


Amazing stuff


Alway a source of inspiration and awe.

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hugely digging the new Aaron Parks.

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a lot of what I’ve found here can be pretty loosely defined as “jazz” - but I’ve really been enjoying this playlist the past few weeks of following

Wow, lots of very heady / difficult stuff posted on here. Y’all intimidate me sometimes, lol.

I like to feel good when I listen to jazz…surely I can’t be the only one?

Jack McDuff and Kenny Burrell

Grant Green - Windjammer

Cannonball Adderley - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

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An old favorite.

  • John Zorn / saxophone
  • Joey Baron / drums (on fire here)
  • Greg Cohen / bass
  • Dave Douglas / trumpet


Pleasantly discovered a fairly comprehensive Hat Hut records playlist on Spotify that one could probably spend the rest of their life listening to and finding golden nuggets. It’s been on really heavy rotation over here. Enjoy


I am currently completely confused about how I haven’t seen this thread while being on this forum every day for the last two years, but now that I found it, I’m very glad it exists. I love all kinds of Jazz, but tend to drift towards the free side of things. A lot of my heroes (Mingus most of all) and general classics are already present in this thread, so I’ll try to stick to more current music. I may have posted some of these in the ‘What are you listening to?’ thread before:

Mats Gustaffson is great and I particularly like Fire! which falls somewhere between doom metal and free jazz:

Travis Laplante is another Saxophonist I admire deeply. Here he is live with Gerald Cleaver as ‘Subtle Degrees’. They have one record together and it’s amazing. It takes a while to develop, but it’s so worth it:

Gard Nilssen has a ton of awesome projects, but I particularly like the new record of his ‘Supersonic Orchestra’. Very much reminds me of Mingus - the way everything flows from order to chaos and then finds its way back naturally:

Sex Mob is a cool brass band centered around a slide trumpet, which is used to great effect (here with John Medeski of Medeski, Martin & Wood on the organ):

And while we’re talking about Medeski, I love this track:

Not entirely sure if this qualifies as Jazz, but I think many people here may like it anyways: Håkon Kornstad makes beautiful quiet pieces with a saxophone:

Also very slow, quiet and beautiful: James Carter. If you like the likes of Garbarek, you may enjoy this:

To wake up again, Rahsaan Roland Kirk:

But I said I’d stick to more modern records, so let’s move on to Matana Roberts:

I just recently found out about ‘Slow is Possible’ while browsing through Clean Feed Records catalogue:

From the same haul, a nice live improvisation between a drummer (Dave Seru) and ‘electronics’ (Rafael Toral). I really like the interaction between the two - it’s not very common to have someone perform and improvise with electronics in this way:

I also adore Shabaka Hutchings a lot. He has many great projects, but here is ‘The Comet is Coming’:

And to close this post off, Tigran Hamasyan:


@x2mirko Good grief, this is stunning!! Thank you so much for posting it. Can you recommend anything else in this vein - dark, heavy repetition vs. liberation, take off?