Jazzmutant Lemur, anyone?

hello good people!

anyone here still uses a jazzmutant lemur? i have one that i didn’t use for a long time, the other day i connected it to my mac and when it gets the ethernet address it just freezes and i get no response. does this means that my lemur is dead? or is this a ethernet issue? replaced power supply and cables but issue is still happening.

just wondering if some of you have any input on this situation.

thank you!

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Just curious: What version of Mac OS X are you running?

i’m on osx 10.9.5, why?

My thinking was that there might not be an enormous economic incentive for the manufacturer to keep the hardware able to communicate with a modern operating system. At least not indefinitely.

I am thinking of something that is perhaps similar that happened to me. I own a Micro Modular which was made by Clavia a long time ago. That hardware was almost unusable to me for the longest time until someone smarter than me figured out how to make it work with a modern operating system.
As I was very much contended at this turn of events I made a short video for demonstrative purposes:

I suspect you are not alone in your predicament. Others with similar issues will most likely rally to find a solution. Eventually at least. I empathise strongly with your situation and I wish you the very best of luck.

I have 2 Lemurs and gonna test it and let you know. I’m also running mac osx 10.9

hi @danielmkarlsson, thank you for your reply! i don’t think this is a software related issue, the jazzmutant software editor works ok with osx 10.9.5. in my humble opinion i think this is an ethernet issue, but i don’t understand nothing of ethernet to sustain my opinion… or maybe this is a problem on the hardware itself. since support on this product was dropped a long time ago, i’m browsing trough different forums trying to find an answer.
glad you found a solution that allows you to keep working with the Micro Modular.

that would be great @Gregory_Delabelle, thank you!

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Hey Sno,

Everything seems fine. In Lemur and in dexter mode (since i also have a dexter). Is your in and out port ok that is mentioned behind your IP. Look at your Daw osc settings :wink:
Jezus I was a bit worried there…
I don’t you have a ethernet problem. But more an osc settng prob. I use 10.9.5 osx.
Also try to synchronize with your Jazz Editor!

Keep us posted :wink:

hi @Gregory_Delabelle. thank you so much for your quick reply and glad to hear everything is ok on your side!

the problem is not related to osc settings, cause sometimes it freezes a couple of seconds after loading.
when the freeze situation doesn’t happen, everything works fine, it connects to the jazz editor and all works fine. in other situation the lemur is working for 30 minutos, or something similar, and suddenly it just freezes.
if the lemur is on with some set loaded and not connected to the computer, all is ok. no freezes and no crash.
so i suspect the problem comes form the ethernet hardware port from the lemur. i’ll try and find a replacement part and see if it works. i’ll keep you posted!

hey @sno
What version is installed

@Gregory_Delabelle, i have a lemur v1 running 2.03 firmware, i think it’s the latest available update for legacy lemurs, right?
i also boot it in factory mode and format lemur’s flash memory. then reinstall the 2.0.3 firmware… no luck…

Got the same fucking problem can anyone please please help?
I bought this controller today, I hook it up and nothing but really nothing is happening, jazzmutant lemur can’t be found by ethernet, can’t be installed, can’t be found in the Jazzupgrade window. Anything? Did you fix it?

Mine is working fine too. Will write my mac specs later.

my lemur just died… can’t boot up. black screen and nothing happens. rip lemur.

This should be available on the net otherwise covert in jazzeditor from normal to legacy and vice versa. Let me know if this works out…

sorry for bumping this thread but i need help.

the jazzmutant site is dead. curious if anyone here have the editor installer /examples pack for macos (?) these were available in the downloads section

i’m meant to play a gig in a couple o weeks and would love to use my lemur

Have you tried just using the latest lemur editor on the liine.net site? IIRC the most recent version still supported “legacy” lemurs (in addition to the ipad app).

Looking though my archives I have copies of the following:


thanks! it works. i’d be thankful if you’ll (we)transfer me examples_v2.03.zip

Hi there,

Do anyone can share data files for reload my Dexter? I formatted flash memory and killed it…
Please let me know or share how to reload it.

Thank you so much.


HI there,

Do anyone have the firmware files for dexter to lemur to reload hardware?
I’m trying to find it for reanimation my hardware.

I would be very happy to get any information here.

With best regards,


Hi, does anyone have installers etc. for the lemur? Looks like their old page is toast. If anyone could help out that would be great.

Greg, is there any way I could obtain some of these files from you? I can’t find any of the installers anywhere.