Jem Finer - crowpop

This was originally a 60 minute mix made from field and home recordings made in 2020 in the micro universe I found myself living in . . . home (in London NW5), the roof, the local park and the walk between them. There is a fair bit of norns in there, though tracks went through so many iterations, additions and subtractions that it is hard to remember exactly what is where. Cheat Codes and Larc were certainly well used as were various hacked together processes. I hope it’s of some interest !

And a mixed version with additional material . . .


As a fellow NW5 resident this is certainly of interest! I’m going to take a walk around the neighborhood and listen to it now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ha ! Small world ! I’ll look out for you . . .

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I really enjoyed listening to that, thanks @jemfiner! The field recordings of the crows and parakeets (I think?) were very evocative of my own walks across the Heath during lockdown and brought back memories of that strange combination of calm and anxiety that I had when outdoors at that time.

I loved the modulating chord sounds on loopy lou and the final melody in excity was wonderful. Looking forward to another listen on a daytime walk.


Thanks for listening @chrisl . . . yes, there’s all kinds of birds but the weird juxtaposition of crows and parakeets is quite a sonic signature of Hampstead Heath. They’re taking over . . .