Jeremiah Cymerman/Carl Testa Duo: performance with Sway // 5.16.2019 (Brooklyn)

I’ll be performing with my interactive live processing environment Sway in duo with clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman on Thursday May 16th at 7pm at Areté Gallery in Brooklyn. Details below. The computer conducts audio analysis on each of our signals which controls the type and moment-to-moment processing of each musician’s sound individually. What results is a dynamic, constantly shifting electroacoustic environment surrounding the musicians. A live generative video influenced by the same analysis data further envelops the musicians and audience into the different processed environments. For this performance, data from Sway’s audio analysis will be sent to a video patch running in Hydra via Open Sound Control.

Jeremiah Cymerman/Carl Testa Duo
Thursday 16 May 2019
7pm - $15
Areté Gallery
67 West Street #103
Brooklyn, NY

Above photo by @slowcompose