Joggers Vol. 1 - A Communal Compilation

I am so proud to share this wonderful ambient compilation with you - made by the wonderful community of my patron discord server.

Joggers Vol. 1 is truly a group effort. In early 2020 I started a patreon page and linked to that is a discord server which has blossomed into one of the most supportive, welcoming and positive communities I have ever experienced.

After seeing the incredible talent and passion of our members, it became very clear that we had to release a shared effort. Instead of simply gathering a bunch of tracks, we worked on them together until they had one common feel and aesthetic. Even the artwork and mastering were done by members of our community.

You may know some of the artists, others you will hear for the first time. And as the titular ‘Vol. 1’ implies, there is more to come. The digital version of this release will remain ‘name your price’ indefinitely and there is a lovely limited cassette edition, too.

All proceeds of this compilation will be donated to

Jogging House, Jayhaych, Pete Kvidera, Ambalek, Rinnovare, Berm and Swale, Dog Dream, Sterion Music, Couleurves, The Lifted Index, Joel Noct Brinson, HC Clifford, What We Talk About, Stray Wool

Artwork by Tom Tebby
Mastered by Michael Southard


I’m definitely going to listen and am looking forward to checking it out. I love your work and am very interested to hear some of your community members, one of whose name I recognize. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also want to say that I think this project/concept is beyond cool! I understand Patreon and see how it could be super helpful, but have not lasted long in the Patreons that I subscribed to in the past due to a lack of engagement (usually on my part). I think this is genius and if more folks in positions like yours did things like this, and engaged their communities in meaningful ways, I could see Patreon subs going up for other artists. Very nice move!


Thank you for these encouraging words. This community on discord means so much to me, it is probably the best thing I ever helped in making. Even if that might sound cheesy :slight_smile: It is a safe space where people can be themselves. And to be able to share a piece of this community with the world makes me super proud. I hope there will be many more compilations in the future.


That is so great to hear. I may check it out sometime. I am in the Teletype Study Group discord which is very much the same kind of space. We even released a comp this week as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

It is great to see healthy digital communities popping up and fostering engagement and cooperative creativity.

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Can’t wait to check this out! Love your work and I’m also a fan of the beautiful work of Stray Wool, so I know that this will be high quality. I’ll look into the community too, sounds great.

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Thanks a lot. Hope you will enjoy it