Jogging House - Chants

Hey there!
I am happy to share my new album ‘Chants’ with you. It is out now and available for free (name your price) via :peacock:

Edit: There is now also a vinyl edition available via bandcamp.

This one is no rules, all feels. Made with a setup based around the Ciat Lonbarde Deerhorn Organ and some loopers. No sequencing, just embracing the unsynced. Recorded in single takes straight to 1/4" tape.

Very super special thanks go to the wonderful Sean Curtis Patrick for lending me this beautiful artwork.

I hope you enjoy the album and it will become a calm friend in tough times.


omg… omg… omg… :smiley:

Thank you (again!) :green_heart:


This is my absolute favourite album of yours. So organic. I can’t stop listening and feel so inspired :heart:


Makes me super happy to read this. Thank you!

album is really beautiful. loving it. perfect to accompany reading, writing, drawing by the (fake) fireplace where i am.

By the way, I put it on while trying out this ‘solo rpg journal-writing game thing’ and it really fit the mood


I’ve had this on all morning, the sun is shining, the coffee almost tastes better and my daughter is very content and calm. thank you.


Glad you enjoy the album, guys. Thank you! A few people already told me that they used it to calm their kids down a bit. I really like that thought :slight_smile:


Played Chants via Sonos earlier and my wife slipped into the most restful nap ever. Very calming and expressive tones @boboter!


Just slightly bumping this as there now is also vinyl edition of ‘Chants’ available. Thank you!

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