Jogging House - Companion

I am super excited to share two new releases with you. Brought to you by my friends at DAUW:

The first one is my new album ‘Companion’. Made at my most vulnerable, it is a sonic sign of appreciation for the ones who stand by us - and I really hope it will resonate with you. Available on transparent vinyl, while downloads are free (name your price) for the first two weeks.

I started recording the album in the very days before my father’s passing and finished it in the weeks after. He was in the hospital for four months, yet due to the pandemic I could not visit him. But I called him every day and I like to think that at least in this way I was a companion to him and he did not feel as alone. The same way my partner and the people who support me were by my side in the time that followed.

In terms of gear, ‘Companion’ was made with an Elektron Analog Four, a Ciat Lonbarde Deerhorn Organ, a small sampling based modular system, OTO Bim and Bam. Recorded in single takes straight to 1/4" tape.

The second new release is a vinyl re-issue of last years album ‘When’ which previously was out on cassette only. Listening back to it now, it feels like it was made a lifetime ago. I am still very proud of it and super happy to see it return on wax.

Thank you!


Thank you - I’m really looking forward to listening. I’m very sorry to hear about the circumstances Companion was written and recorded. My condolences.

Your music is on constant rotation for me at the moment - I find it extremely comforting. I’ve not managed to find much quite like it out there (or at least, nothing that resonates quite as much with me). It really is truly excellent. Keep on doing your thing.


Thank you for these words. It makes me very happy knowing that my music can help give some comfort. Means a lot to me.

I just discovered your music last week. So happy you made something new. Your setup looks really awesome.

I wish it was made under better circumstances but happy to have you posting here nonetheless.

Wondering if you produce to cassette tape?

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Thank you! Do you mean if there are tapes of my albums available? Because most are via Seil Records. Just this release is vinyl only.

Sorry to hear about your loss, my condolences. I agree with @byzero. your music has a soothing relaxing effect on me too. It helps to focus when coding & alleviates any stress. Bought both (digital) albums into my expanding Seil Records collection :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. Your support is highly appreciated.

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