Jogging House - Danger

Dear lines community,

I’m happy and excited and thrilled to share my new album ‘Danger’ with you. Out today on my very own Seil Records.

‘Danger’ is the first release that I recorded since we moved to a new apartment and it feels like a new me in ways that maybe only I notice. It’s an attempt to deal with all the uncertainties that surround us on an emotional level. And to be honest, I’m really proud of how it all came together.

The album is available on cassette and digitally. Downloads are free (name your price) for the first two weeks.

Gear wise, the album was centered around the SP404 MK2, which served as a loop collector and live arrangement tool for things I recorded from the eKalimba, Digitone, Cocoquantus, SuperDuber and Generation Loss MK2. There is also some modular and some Lyra-8 on there. Bim & Bam provided delay and reverb. And as usual, I recorded everything straight to 1/4" tape.

I hope you enjoy the music.


Beautiful work :raised_hands:
Between this and the new duelling ants record it’s been a lovely afternoon.
Much love

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Thank you very much! I‘m also quite excited about tne Duelling Ants release :slight_smile:


What a beautiful release! Congrats and thanks for sharing

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Another awesome one! Looking forward to the YT videos, always have those on loop for hours!

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Thank you all.

I didn‘t film the recordings, tho. Sorry.

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“Sidewalks” is lovely

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doesn’t sound like danger, and that’s good!

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Haha, well, maybe next time :slight_smile:

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Before I deprive a fellow member of a chance of a code, are you anticipating releasing it to Apple Music?


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Of course. It‘ll be on all streaming services in two weeks.


Just a service bump: You will now find the album on streaming platforms :slight_smile: For example here:

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Bought: gorgeous. I love the way your work is developing. I am so glad that you are continuing.

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Thank you for the support and for following my music. It means a lot.