Jogging House - Flaws - Double Cassette

I am incredibly happy to share my new album ‘Flaws’ with you. It is out now via Seil Records. Digitally and in a lovely double-cassette edition. With downloads being free (name your price) for the first two weeks.

‘Flaws’ breaks with the classic album structure and consists of four longform sonic hikes with around 24 minutes each - one track per side of a tape. They are meant to freeze time, let our minds wander and help to refocus:

These compositions were recorded after the passing of our beloved pet bunny in last September. They were a way of pouring my emotions into something honest, fragile and vast - because I simply did not want the music to end.

Performed on Ciat Lonbarde Deerhorn Organ, Soma Lyra-8 and eKalimba. Looped with a compact modular system based around sampling. Processed with Hologram Electronics Microcosm, OTO Bim & Bam. Recorded straight to 1/4" tape in single takes.

I hope you will find ‘Flaws’ is a journey worth taking and its tunes will provide an escape whenever you need it. Stay safe!


As a child of the seventies (well, teenager) and a big fan of prog rock at the time, this warms my heart! :grinning:

Best wishes for a successful release!

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Thanks a lot, Helen!

This is really pretty. Do you mind talking us through your process? I love hering how people develop their approach to this kind of music. How miuch was pre-prepared and how much did you create and loop on the fly?

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Thank you! The main looping is done with the Squid Salmple, which only has 11sec of recording time per track. So it is maxed out up rather quickly :slight_smile: I usually fill this one up first. With Kalimba, bass (from the Lyra) and ambience. Then depending on the track I record some longer phrases onto Morphagene and Microcosm’s interal looper (around 30 sec) from Lyra and/or Deerhorn. These then all become elements that I can bring in and out live.

And then everything else is actually played live for 25 minutes with the Lyra and Deerhorn. I play both at the same time with one hand each, often blending their sounds and between the notes, I fade things in and out, change parameters etc.

Shameless plug: I actually made a video about the process for my patreon page.