Jogging House - Lure

I’m very happy to share my new album ‘Lure’ with you. It is out today via Seil Records - and for the very first time there is a vinyl edition. So the excitement is even a tad higher than usual at the moment. A cassette edition is also available.

‘Lure’ is about hearing through the noise that surrounds us - and listening to our hearts. About accepting the things we cannot change and finding comfort in uncertainty. Or at least to me it is. The basic concept was to play over sounds & sequences that are somewhat unpredictable and out of tempo in order to create loopy yet shifting melodies and loose rhythms.

Granted, this was not planned before making the album but happened more or less naturally. All tracks were recorded in single takes to 1/4" tape. I also had the camera rolling while recording, so there will be videos to many of the tracks.

These are the things I made the album with: Elektron Digitakt & Digitone, a small-ish Eurorack system, Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus, Boss SP303, Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl MK2, Montreal Assembly Count to 5, OTO Bim & Bam.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

Edit: I will add the videos to the tracks below, once they are up on youtube.










I opted for the digital version (thank you for the free download) and am currently chair-dancing to it at work :dancer:

Quality grooves as always from @boboter and the House Of Seil :rofl:

Grab it while it’s hot! :fire:

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I’m going to hold out for the cassette version but I raided your cassette inventory off the back off the vinyl notification anyway. So double result for me :grinning:


Soundcloud suggested this to me yesterday, I love it. Definitely getting the tape.

Thank you.

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i really like it. I can picture a whole world forming in front of my eyes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of art :))

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just bought this (pretty much based on your gear - ha sad (on my part)) - it’s wicked. Lovely sound and atmosphere. Reminded me a little of Bill Seaman’s work - certainly that kind of emotional space IMO

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! For the kind words and the support. It means so much to me.


Sounds great! can’t wait for the vinyl :partying_face:

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Many thanks. I really appreciate the support. I will send out all orders as fast as I can.

Really enjoying it! Love your sound :smiley:

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Halfway through, great stuff!

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Already listened and dig it a lot, didn’t know you were on here. Found out about Seil after I played with Sofie Birch in Copenhagen last fall (who played a wonderful set and was also really kind btw), all great stuff!

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Very nice. More vinyl releases from the community please.

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Really excited to hear this! Would has been our house’s morning album for the last few weeks, and I just love it. Thanks for making awesome music (and great Digitone packs)!

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this is a super nice listen ty for posting

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Beauty my dude. Congrats on the first Vinyl!

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Thank you all so much. The weeks before an album release always feel super weird to me, sitting on a record, not knowing what people might think of it. But now it’s finally out - and the wonderful feedback from you guys just makes me incredibly happy and is super motivating to me.


This wonderfully accompanied my rainy walk to work this morning, as experienced through the hood of my parka.

Looking forward to a cassette release!

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Giving this a slight bump as the cassette edition is now available in the bandcamp store. :yellow_heart:


I noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

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