Jogging House - Names

Hey there!

I just released a surprise album and wanted to share it with you. It is called ‘Names’ and was made with just an OP-1 and an Empress Effects ZOIA pedal. Recorded straight to cassette.

Given the setup, the nine tracks on Names are rather stripped down, loose and loopy. But also very intimate and (hopefully) charming. The album was made as a ‘Thank You’ for all the support I received over the year and will be a free download via my bandcamp page until December 27th, so everybody can get it to relax a bit over the holidays/winter solstice.

And there is also a limited cassette edition, available through the wonderful Californian label Mystery Circles. (They have rather reasonable shipping prices for outside of the US). There is a download code included with every tape order, so you can add the album to your bandcamp collection:

As usual, I made videos for the tracks and will fill up this post once they are uploaded to youtube.




Left (unmastered)



I really hope you enjoy it


Oooh! Thank you! That’s a really nice seasonal/festive present! :grinning:

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My pleasure, thanks for listening :slight_smile:

This sounds really soothing and hypnotic. Really amazing.

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Glad you like it. Thank you!

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Thank you for this - that’s 3 terrific albums in 1 year.


You are oh so welcome :slight_smile: Just trying to stay busy. That is all I had recorded, though. So now I have to start doing new things again …

Thanks! This is very nice.

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I love it! Thanks for releasing this. It’s impressive how you can release so often and maintain such a high quality of releases!

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Thank you! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to listen - and the kind words of course.

Since Instarted recording just the main mix to cassette or 1/4" tape, instead of multitracking. Three albums in a year actually did feel this much. Usually I got hung up on the computer part of making music. Hopefully I will be able to continue with a similar pace. I like the thought of putting out almost too much music :slight_smile:


Fwiw, I started recording straight to tape thanks to you (I believe you mentioned the tape/Zoom combo when When came out) :slight_smile:
I just need to actually release something, though.


Ha! Hope you are happy with the new (old) approach. When you have the music, the hardest part is done already :slight_smile:

Second video (Ago) added :sunglasses:

Video nr 3 is online. It is the most melancholic track of the album, I guess.