Jogging House - perhaps (ambient album)

Dear lines community, I just released a new album that I am super happy to share with you. It‘s called ‘perhaps’, is digital only and available for free (or more) forever.

The album consists of four longform pieces, based on handplayed improvisations over handmade loops. It’s noisy and fuzzy, gentle and warm. In short, it’s me at my happiest and most at ease when making music. Creating these tracks was a wonderful, calming experience - and I hope that feeling comes across when listening. You can check it out here:

I picked a small setup with instruments that I find intuitive and inspiring to use, free of any restrictions. Digitakt and Deerhorn were in the center of the setup, Cocoquantus, 22500 looper and Generation Loss in supporting roles. As usual recording single takes straight to 1/4" tapes.

This time I even made videos of all tracks, that I will share over the next days. The first one is already online (see below)

I hope ‘perhaps’ will provide a soothing, comfy soundtrack to your solstice.

Stay safe and all the best!


I just added the video to the second track. Hope you like it.


This is super lovely. Thanks for sharing. I love how off-the-grid this feels.

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Thank you! I’m trying to stay off grids as much as possible.

Here is track/video nr. 3

Just wanted to tell you how much i have really enjoyed the album. Thank you for making it. Always been inspired by your online presence as well. Appreciate you being around and sharing your creations and experimentations with us.

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Thanks for sharing this!

It’s in my headphones as I’m grading final papers, and it’s really helping me to stay chill.

Lovely music. I want to watch the videos to understand what you were doing, as I don’t have any of those instruments.

Happy solstice season back to you!

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Thank you both so much for the kind words. They’re much appreciated.

To close this year, the final track/video of the album: