Jogging House - Speak EP

Dear lines community!

I‘m happy to share my new ‘Speak EP’ with you. It‘s made of four comfy, pulsating and droney tracks to drift away to.

The EP goes together with a new sound pack that I made for the Elektron Syntakt called ‘Soft Spoken’. After I programmed the patches for the pack, I was asked to create some music with them to showcase the sounds. So I went all in and composed the ‘Speak EP’, entirely made off sounds from ‘Soft Spoken’, hence the title.

It is digital only and will remain ‘name your price’ indefinitely:

And should you own a Syntakt and are looking for new patches, maybe check out the sound pack: Soft Spoken - Sound Pack for Syntakt | Elektron

As always thank you so much for your support. I hope you enjoy the EP and it will brighten your day (or week).


This is really cool all the way around—love everything about the project. Will definitely give it a listen.

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I dismissed the Bandcamp notification without too much thought and forgot to go back to check, but fortunately it’s here too! Sounds very “you” in a good way, and not very “Syntakt-y” so I’m definitely also excited to see what lives in those sounds.


So glad you like it. Thank you. Hope you will find the sounds useful, too.