Jogging House - Weight

Dear lines community!

I’m super excited to share my new album ‘Weight’ with you. It lives in a place between melancholy and hope. And I gave it my all to make you feel all the feels while listening. You might even call it heavy (hence the title).

‘Weight’ is available in a limited vinyl edition, on cassette and digitally. As usual, downloads are free (name your price) for the first two weeks.

In terms of gear, the album was made with an Octatrack and Analog Four, Cocoquantus, Microphonic Soundbox, Generation Loss, Bim and Bam. Recorded Straight to 1/4" tape in single takes.

In addition to the music, the wonderful visual artist diepvries made beautifully hypnotic oilwheel videos for all tracks. Here is a playlist for the entire album:

I hope ‘Weight’ might touch your hearts. Thank you!



I love the idea of a cohesive set of videos to accompany each piece. Another solid release… ordered a cassette!

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Thank you very much! And yeah, I was so happy when diep offered to make all those clips. I love them a lot.