Jogging House - When

Today I am very happy to announce my new album ‘When’, which is released via the wonderful Belgian label Dauw.

It is an album is about time and how not to be bothered by it.

But more technically speaking, it was made with an Analog Four and a Cocoquantus. Most tracks also had a Portastudio playing drones (previously recorded from the A4) and on two tunes I also used the Plumbutter from Ciat Lonbarde. All tracks were recorded straight to cassette with my trusted Marantz PMD430.

The album is available digitally and on cassette. Pre-orders for both are open right now, the full release of the album is on September 23rd.

As usual, I had the camera running while recording the music. But on one track it didn’t work, so I took the chance and made the kind of video I used to do many years ago. This is it:

And here are tho other videos:


I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you!