Jomox Alpha Base

Any users and/or fans here? I’m 1-2 months into ownership, and I still really enjoy it. The sequencer definitely has some quirks. Loading samples hasn’t been too bad. I wouldn’t mind if samples could be placed in a folder, and loaded all together.

Any tips for newer users? Frustrations? Patches or sample bank sources worth sharing (i.e., the perfect 909 kick or Reverb’s massive drum machine dump)?

I have it since 2 years or so, still massively in love with it. Though I only learned how to use the sequencer last week, I didn’t look into it (the sequencer) because everybody said it was difficult to use or at least quirky. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that I was perfectly fine with the logic :joy::blush:

I use it with Live 11 and have built 2 different templates for it.

  1. One track per instruments on different midi channels 1-8 (basicall last 3 channels goes to the sum), :heavy_plus_sign:plus corresponding audio channels for the recording themselves outputs
  2. One midi channel (16) plus different audio channels in order to play the alphabase with presscafe

It is now synced to Live via a Multiclock

Oh and I mostly try to avoid samples and try to build my own sounds which sometimes can be a challenge cos of the sheer amount of parameters per instrument (but doable and very satisfying)

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The only quirk I’ve found so far is exiting shift modes. Sometimes the brain becomes stuck between the two. Changing the active instrument fixes it. All in all not a show stopper.

The wide range of sounds is incredible! Much to learn yet about mbrane.

Loading 909 open hats and claps paid dividends today. I think I’ve spent more time remembering ffmpeg switches than I have figuring out how to use the AB. It’s very intuitive.

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Which modes?

Re conversion: there are tools out there for that, but iirc osx only. Pretty sure I saw them on the Facebook alphabase group

Mbrane took me quite a while and I’m still not sure about most stuff, but (unintentionally) get fantastic sounds out of it

Entering and exiting fx mode most recently, and setting the last step while the box is playing.

this is the fb group, which is surprisingly friendly and helpful :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thank you for sharing this