Josh Mason - Coquina Dose LP

so, i have a new lp, ‘coquina dose’ up for pre-order from florabelle records in brooklyn, my first solo one since 2013.

a little about the record:
coquina dose is the book on your nightstand before bed under a lamp with a 40 watt bulb. it’s driving alone at night up and down the strip looking for a pool to crash. it’s the endless lights of luxury, hotels, oceanfront dining. it’s dogs barking, the wind off the water, dead friends, and sunsets that are no longer free. everything humming, everything buzzing. then there is the freezing air conditioning…the sandy tile in the foyer, my grandmother cooking in the kitchen, my sister playing card games on the floor, my mother in the shade, scanning the gulf. a communion with poseidon, an avoidance of progression, jason drumming. it’s a new day, in the same circuit. short interesting rides, followed by a loss of momentum. notes of grass, lychee, pineapple, burnt sugar.

the players:
mk1 harvestman oscillators, doepfer filters, fancy samplers, broken samplers, an acoustic guitar borrowed from a friend of a friend so long ago that i’m fairly certain they forgot they owned it, all manner of tape sizes, speeds, and quality, boss pedals, a bucket, some bells, a copy of the new florida history edited by michael gannon, hoppy pale ales.

anyway, thought maybe some here might enjoy. i hope you do, and thanks for listening. if anyone has any questions or anything i’m happy to chat and expand on things.

UK friends: vinyl is available via stashed goods
EU friends: vinyl is available via soundohm


Preordered the physical. Love the written imagery which feels connected to your other albums --Timecode Beach and Hellified Irie in particular.

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@Jonny glad you extracted that…i’d say its a stretch to call it a trilogy of albums, but this one definitely puts a cap on that exact/specific lineage of sounds.


Big ups. Love this album. :sunglasses::sauropod:

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I’m digesting L+ still and have put this into my Bandcamp wishlist. :ok_hand: looking forward to spending time with it

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First two tracks are fantastic, also excited to track down a copy of The New History of Florida now.

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thanks all! glad people are finding something in the material they dig. the full album should be up and streaming sometime this week.

@rbxbx imo, its a must read for anyone from florida, but even if you aren’t from the state, there is a wealth of information for sure, especially the final essay on the social history of modern florida and all of the cataclysmic/catalytic changes the area has faced post WWII.

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I’m not from Florida… Are you familiar with JG Ballard’s writing on the state?

And I just grabbed L+ from Apple Music and am already loving it… nice to discover your music!


re: JGB, i am vaguely aware of some of his themes from his short story collections, not sure if thats what you are referring to, but outside of that no, i’m not aware of anything specific.

He wrote a novel called Vermillion Sands, and quite a bit on Cape Canaveral

He saw Florida as symbolic of the American state of mind at the time. Pretty trippy stuff…

pre-ordered a copy of the record and a copy of the book!

I see you’re in Jax, that was the last place in Florida I called home (Riverside and the Beach, predominantly) before leaving ~8 years ago. Wonder if we ever crossed paths? The experimental/electronic scene in Jax, while good, isn’t exactly large.

right on! yeah i would imagine thats possible? we moved here in 2009-ish (downtown > riverside > avondale > downtown), played a couple shows in the following years, haven’t done much in town since 2012. most of the people i knew doing things either a) aren’t anymore or b) have left the area. its on my list of things to do this year, try and get something going in the area again.

the lp sleeve photos were shot at hanna park (cover) and 1st st. in neptune beach (back) :upside_down_face:

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now streaming in full :call_me_hand:t3:

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this is great. just listen to the whole thing.

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Loving this album thank you!

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a little bump to let UK friends know that vinyl copies are available now via stashed goods

…and another for EU friends: copies also at soundohm