Josh Mason / Shedding tour


So, some of you may recall that Josh and I were gathering some intel awhile back as we were sorting out our tour. Well, this is how things turned out. Thank you all for the help. Following us on the internets elsewhere you can gradually get more details as they unfold. Huzzah!

Update: Tubby’s in Kingston won’t open in time, so it looks like Pouring Light in Malone, NY (July 6th) is the only show I play before I meet up with Josh. Most Facebook events are created and linked to from my site along with other folks (also w/ links) playing too. Lots of people were involved in helping, including several lines members! :slight_smile:

NYC Event Hub Thread!

when in catskill be sure to get thai at wasana’s. so good, not fancy. (sorry to say i’ll be in california when you come through!)

enjoy the tour! document and post here.


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


I’ll try to make it to the Philly house show. I’m not on social media, so I’ll PM closer to the date to get the address.


Hey, cool - Blue Bag Records is a 5 minute walk from my place. Would love to check out the show.


added lots of details to this page and will continue to add more as fb events may be made, etc.


Where/when are you playing in Kingston?


This dude Cory (apparently he played in Spray Paint, a TX band) is opening a bar called Tubby’s. It’s going to be cutting it close, so the show may not happen, but if it does, it’ll be July 5th with Fred Lonberg-Holm (solo and we’ll give a duet a whirl).

Or the bar won’t be open in time.

But Catskill with Josh a week or so later is pretty close right?


It surely is :slight_smile: Kingston is just outside my door though :smiley:


Well, grab a hammer, bribe the ABC, whatever may slow them down in opening ha…

Either way, keep your eye out for whenever it does end up opening, because it’ll probably be a nice spot to hear some weirdo music and based on the mutual friends that Cory and I have, hopefully he can get some peeps to swing through to play on tours too :slight_smile:


ah dang, I wish I had seen your earlier posts, I would’ve tried to find someplace for y’all here in richmond! have a good tour! :v:


Ugh, I thought this was in Philly next week!


Does that mean you’ll be out of town in July? Not sure the meaning of ‘ugh’ in this context :slight_smile:


Oh nevermind, I read June 15 not July. Ugh b/c I was hoping to catch the show but looks like I can!


Sorry to say that Kingston didn’t work out. Delays in Tubby’s (the venue) opening. BUT, be sure to check it out when it does. I have a feeling it’ll be a good spot for the town’s weirdo population.


Too bad, but thanks for the heads up!


it me. i am karl …


Got to meet and play with fellow LINES member @Claude in Malone, NY at a great art space called Pouring Light Studios with his group Figure From Ground. That’s the 2nd LINES hang out (hung briefly with @madeofoak at a Sylvan Esso show in Louisville) and definitely not the last of this tour.

Almost makes me think we should have a thread of long distance LINES encounters :slight_smile:


Great show in Malone, NY and it was great to make it out to Burlington, VT to check out Autumn Records and get a sense of how your set can vary from night to night. Sorry to have missed Josh.

Curious about how the border crossing went…


Claude, it went fine actually. Minimal stress :slight_smile: