Josh Mason / Shedding tour


That is great news, and bodes well for those of us that live near the Canadian border! Safe travels!


@rarestorms sighting in Portland last night. Doh!


Rad show here in Portland, brainwaves AND plants triggering sounds.


I was already thinking of going to the Philly show, and now that I know y’all are members here I’ll definitely be there :sunglasses:


Is the location of Tundra Dome public (to the facebookless few)?

Sunday nights are tough, but I’m considering attending if it’s close enough to West Philly.


PM’d you. Address isn’t public but I can find out, anyone can message me to ask :v:


I know we’ve got some Pittsburgh people on this forum that I’ve never met. Come to the show on Monday night. I’ll be supporting along with fellow local {arsonist}. 3 lines members in the lineup. :slight_smile:


A real linesup :drum:


Apparently I’m only in this thread to make dumb jokes… But what’s not a joke was the quality of Connor and Josh’s sets when they played in Montreal. A+ material. I urge you all to go see them on this tour if you have the chance.


Having fun so far.

The White Mountains in NH are no joke too, but it started raining while I was zoned out in a hammock at 1:30 am and we had to scramble to get a rainfly on the tent. Not the best way to try to persuade Josh that camping rules, but I was back to sleep within ten minutes. :slight_smile:

I DO miss the weens though :frowning:


camping rules most when it rains


@alanza sighting this evening. :slight_smile:


I’m really bummed I missed this last night at Blue Bag. Have a great time on the rest of the tour!


it was lovely to meet you! best of luck with the rest of tour and thanks to you and Josh for a great show!


@damon sighting at H0L0. Thanks for saying hi :slight_smile:


hoping to make it out tomorrow. the family is getting over a summer cold so we’ll see…


Great sets, all! Thanks for coming to town, have a fun


I’m bummed I didn’t get to make it last night, but I had an offer to play Modular on the Spot I couldn’t refuse. Hope y’all had a good time in Philly!


No worries, you do you :slight_smile: Maybe next time.

We had sweaty fun in a punk basement!


Got to meet @TangoWhiskeyman and played with @Jonny last night. :slight_smile: