Josue Arias - Bocetos y Paisajes

I`m presenting my lastest album, “Bocetos y Paisajes”, the Spanish words for “Sketches and Landscapes”.

This time is not a studio album, its a collection of improvisations and soundscapes I made in different places, from planes to wooden cabins to the lake shore in my Patagonia, all recorded in the ipad, later edited and mastered at my own studio Kymátika.

This album is very special for me, 34 tracks that bring the abstract art from my father paintings in the form of my own sound/music art, I feel the strong connection with him even I lost him 30 years ago.

I had a good time trying to find an order for the tracks, looking for the history I want to tell along the album. After a lot of permutations I realized that I like the idea of the random order for the tracks. The order in the album is just one of trillions. fell free to put random order in your player and enjoy an almost unique history each time.

Some tech! For recording I´ve used tons of apps and AUv3 plugins in my old 2018 Ipad Pro 10.5" inside the excellent AUM, some for processing external synths: mainly Buchla Easel and Buchla 200 modular, EMS Synthi AKS, Dreadbox synths and Minilogue XD, with FX from Eventide, toneboosters, imaginando , Audiodamage, FAC,…
Apart from the hardware, You can hear sounds coming from Zeeon, Tal Uno-LX, OBXD, Borderlands granular and Virsyn audiolayer
For the pianos I recorded my own upright (1914 Gaveau), and a mini upright piano from a friend. But also some iOS ones: Ravenscroft, and some pianos sampled in Audiolayer.

Hope you like the album!

If you have some specific question about the techniques or something in a particular song just ask! glad to discuss and share.
Love to hear what you have to say about the album.
Also here are some codes for downloading:



very generous of you to share!
i love the artwork too :slight_smile:

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Thanks! hope you like it!

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