Joy in pictures


I’m sorry for posting pics of food and dogs on the gear pictures, I didn’t realize it was meant only for gear pics. I guess I hadn’t even noticed the categories (I don’t post new topics so often). SO, unless people are opposed, maybe this thread can be for non-gear pics. I’ve been using Instagram over the last few months for just a dash of simple joy throughout my day. Mostly I follow hedgehogs and dachshunds. My girlfriend has a dachshund that has become such an important part of my life over the last few years. So, I’ll start it off with a pic of my step-son, Murphy. We have a skylight and the bit of rain pattering on that sort of stressed him out a bit. He’s a bit high strung, but here’s a little series of him trying to settle in through the stress of pattering.

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I also had failed to pick up on the gear-ness of the other thread. Oops.


Nice! This is Shelldon Koopa in his happy place: a big bowl of salad.


Ha, that’s an awesome name :slight_smile:


a photo in any thread
takes care of the twenty characters req. :slight_smile:


for real, this is my ‘pet’. he is a sockdog named Retro. he is into artisan cheese and teams with dog mascots, but mostly the Browns. if you were curious, his spiffy Cleveland Browns sweater he is wearing is hand knitted. yup, I am a knitter.

@sellanraa aren’t all dachshunds a bit high strung?


I’ll always have a soft spot for the Browns - loved Kosar and their defense in the 80s and I was a huge Eric Turner fan and those early 90s teams too. Somewhat confounding probably, but I also loved the Broncos, so it always got painful in the playoffs. Eternal mixed feelings.

I don’t know much about dachshunds in general, but that’s what I’ve heard. I never thought I’d be as appreciative of such a yappy pooch, but I think we click because we’re both cranky old men :slight_smile: Plus, he’s a good snuggler and loves naps. We’ve discussed taking on older rescue dachshunds and giving them a place to live out their twilight years. I’m increasingly into the idea of a small fleet of weens.

I believe I’ve posted Azuki too, but he’s well-worth following on Instagram. He is an expressive little dude.


oh, and 'daisy :slight_smile:


i gotta say i am a little sad to have these separated. it was nice to see beautiful stuff all in one place with variety etc. oh well. seasons seasons turn turn

guess i’m wistful. thinking of the oldendaysen. :wink:


My joy Riku :heart_eyes:


This is my good boy, Morris and his granddaughter Duffy.
She is a fair bit bigger now, and mostly full of terror and biting.
He is soft and loves love.


I notice that joy apparently comes from pictures of non-human animals 90% of the time!


Certainly one of many things that will show up in this thread. I have a feeling it will gradually diversify though.

Fuzzy loving creatures do tend to bring joy though. :slight_smile:




My mates band (Divide) playing for the first time in a couple of years, truly joyous.


Irn Bru in sugar free big cans. More joy. To our USA based friends, get to a Scottish import store and get some! (Full sugar version should only be attempted by trained professionals).


Sugar free Irn Bru???
There’s something very wrong about that!
Next they’ll have alcohol free Buckfast Tonic Wine.

sandy (born and raised north of Aberdeen)


I’ve never been able to drink full sugar anything. They turn my stomach (weird for a weegie :joy:). Probably due to my folks drinking boots’ own brand sugar free stuff growing up. However, you’ll be pleased to know the additives that “may cause adverse affects on attention in children” are fully present!!!

Picture for the thread - balquidder, near Callander in the Trossachs.


Sun setting at the park. Time to go home.


Nice stuff!

A couple to share:

  • My lovely/terrible cat

  • Some amazing South African landscape