Joy in pictures








these are beautiful! I especially like 1 and 4.


Thanks! Observing flowers (and aphids) always brings me joy even though I’m not a knowledgeable gardener. #4 is in my mom’s garden…most of the rest were taken while walking neighborhoods where I live and work


Do you know if you have any milkweed growing in your area? The genus is beloved by aphids.


Monarch butterflies also love milkweed, and they are endangered.

Ladybugs eat aphids. We’ve bought them by the 10s of thousands before. Once we released that many, they became well established and maintain their population entirely on their own now. We have much less of an aphid problem!


Not much around here unless I’m mistaken


Tonight I’m seeing Wire play in a small venue inside a repurposed military barracks anarchist commune (Christiania).


Oh man, that’s cool. Wire. There.

I saw a lot of great music in Christiania when I lived there. Glad to hear it’s still flourishing.

Is Ungdomshuset still around?



I’ve got a couple different species of native milkweed around my house; aphid traps of course. But also, butterflies.

That’s great you got the ladybugs to stick around. I’ve brought a bunch in before; I can’t say a huge population stayed, but I see some regularly.

It’s ladybug season in the San Gabriels right now. Masses of them in the right places.


Yeah, it’s still pretty vibrant here!

The question about Ungdomshuset depends on how long ago you left CPH :slight_smile: the original one is gone, but there’s a new one further out in Norrebro. I haven’t been there though.



I’m definitely thinking of the old one then, across from Assistens Kierkegård. I was there fairly often, as far back as the mid-late 80s. Cool place.

Kbh was a really cool place to live. Given the tone of life here in the US, I think of it a lot right now.



I love that album!! Chameleon!! It must have heavily influenced Galaxy 2 Galaxy era UR/Mad Mike.


The other day at the Van Dusen Garden in Vancouver



Some interesting performances today at our local art/dance/music/garden space.

“In 1984 two Clydesdale horses jumped the gate to their field and charged down to the shore at Billia Croo on Orkney. They stood up on their hind hooves and danced together in a low mid-summer’s midnight sun. This project is about those two horses and their owner, Raimie Manson. It is about all horses, about the sea, about harnesses, ploughing, leather and dance. It is about freedom and creativity. We have restored Raimie’s Frobana outsole stitching machine and are using this 1930’s leather-working tool to make costume for the project.”



A couple of extreme angle cat pics for you.


Afternoon nap.