Joy in pictures


Yesterday, we were painting some in the new house and Murphy was exploring the late evening sunny spots in the empty living room :slight_smile:


I have a bit of a problem with “active photography” I must admit, in the sense that I never have the urge to take pictures… so I rarely do so. Though I totally like to look at photos and have been interested in many photographer’s work.
On the other hand my wife really is into it and I think she’s quite good at capturing a certain joyfulness sometimes, so let me post a couple of her shots here.


Our daughter made this yesterday with Fimo® clay. Can’t stop grinning.


That is super cool. How old is she?


Thanks, she turned eleven.


Reaching the midpoint of my trip. I’m in Missoula hanging for a few days. Of all the great pics, I chose this one to post here because the national grasslands don’t get enough credit. It was too hot to hang at Ft. Pierre NG, but I am so glad I stuck with it and found a spot in Thunder Basin NG in East Central WY. Totally free wandering, free camping, and it was super exciting to startle a few wolves in a little ridge I was exploring.

While my favorite spot is probably the Black Hills, I really had forgotten how beautiful Bighorn National Forest is. Also hoping to stay in Shoshone NF on the way home :slight_smile:


I love artichoke blooms.


Dynatron played In Glasgow last night. I thoroughly enjoyed his set.


What a great thread.

Queen Daisy emerges from a nap…

Elsewhere at home, mushrooms mature in the pine forest… I think Reishi.


yeah! we might need a mushrooms thread. john cage would approve.


Haha yes, absolutely! Also the next LCRP (I mean the next one after the current one) should have something to do with mushrooms!


not sure if anyone saw this, but just wanted to let y’all know that there is a thank you to all of you in my band’s recent LP. i didn’t know how much i needed this place when i stumbled upon it - you guys really helped me get out of a personal and creative hole I had dug for myself.

thank you for inspiring me every day.


@madeofoak So kind! Hadn’t noticed that :smiley:

Joy for me at the moment is a TLR full of film.


Some flowers we brought back from the Okanagan yesterday. Here in the late afternoon sun


I was out for my Saturday morning bike ride through north County Wexford and came across this at the side of the road. My phone normally stays firmly rooted in my pocket during bike rides - strictly for emergencies only - but, today, I just had to stop and take a picture.
Somebody obviously loves their bugs!


Going to see Sarah & Duck puppet show with jnr today. Not sure who’s most excited!!


calaveras big trees sp, calif.


Cleaning up and found this gem…


stanford center for computer research in music and acoustics. Taking a week long workshop in max. So happy.


James Turrell at the Walker Art Center.