Joy in pictures


Further precision : just type 7-1-7 西新宿 or 7-1-7 nishi-shinjuku and you’ll get the proper address. The building name and apt number might confuse google maps.


Yes. It’s on the 7th floor!


Japan is so complex & deeply layered, its hard to reccomend what you might want to do without knowing what you are interested in & your prior experience/local contacts/language ability in Japan… And there are so many resources online… Some of my music/sound related favourites have been a Koto lesson in Kyoto, Anechoic chamber visit at ICC Gallery in Tokyo, Taya Cavern at Ofuna, GCans visit in Tokyo, acoustically exquisite Art Museum visit on Teshima etc etc


Currently redoing the bar program at my job, super fun.


Suddenly I’m thirsty for a nice cocktail :slight_smile:


OMG, I always wanted to be in an anechoic chamber! Thanks for your recommendations!


more details here
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Some analog goodiess. Really like that JPC Street Pan 400 film.


Joy? Close enough.


🏠some homes around Chicago

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my partner Racquel does some (imo) very incredible work. we recently merged studios and it’s been an energizing dream. she is v over payment processing support and is building up her portfolio for design jobs. I am deeply lucky to be able to share space with her, both creatively and life-ly.


Her style brings me joy


I love it up there. I remember visiting my cousin and family for the holidays and we went up on Christmas morning and there was an inversion. We stood, mouths agape looking over a sea of clouds. Amazing.


Six years in and I still love love love living here. Very rich environment, lots of stimulus in and out of the cities. I live in Nara, where it’s quieter and the slower pace is perfect if you love nature, cycling, hiking, field recording…Kansai Art Beat is a really handy app, by the way.


We loved it too! Really looking forward to another trip to Salt Spring Island


Pasta that expired in 2014 and cereal that no one liked make for perfect eclipse viewers.


I was in Iceland for a week, amazing country.


@azurga what parts did you see?


Hi @tehn! I went all around the country by car (did the Ring Road), and took some little detours. Nothing fancy, I didn’t take any road across the High Lands.

It was an amazing experience even I’m not the nature lover kind of guy.


cool. I’m there for a week - mainly in the west, not going too far but taking our time to hang out; Snaefellsnes Penninsula, back in, and ending up with a couple of days in Reykjavik. I am looking forward to it.