Joy in pictures


Tastes good too! :yum: :yum:


My life is too hard to make music …


Repairing an Old One with the boys

The space is pretty cool tho far from ideal for electronics work. Missing from these pics is one of the messiest workbenches ever and a bathroom full of old serial cables hanging by the shower curtain. And a Cat.


I got tattooed today, again. First time with a non-serious tattoo…


Seriously, though. This country! A total joy.

(A few days ago in Iceland, at Gullfoss; today is my last day of trip. So many more pictures from the big camera to go through).


Just back from a wonderful weekend in Barcelona at Befaco’s Modular Day - great people, great food, great DIY culture, great city and stayed in this fabulous converted factory


you have a clearer sky than i did ^^


blimey! we were super-lucky with the weather - one soggy day in Reykjavik yesterday, and that’s been about it. For a week in Snaefelssnes, it was absolutely fine.

Here is where I sat eating breakfast in Arnarstapi:


Another couple for the mushroom-centric among us.


camping in the san gabriel mountains.


Teaching jnr the joy of photography.

She was fixated by the headstones in the cemetery at the end of the street.


Birds on top of the glass roof of central station Utrecht, the Netherlands
Early morning sun, coffee, music


Père Lachaise cemetery yesterday…


It’s alway so pretty there, a lot of my teenager time was spent in these aisles :slight_smile:


Eager awaiting Sigur Ros to come on. So here are the air vents in the venue!


Space egg landed.



National Park High Tauern (Austria)


a london underground circuit map radio

my circuit board alarm clock


This was reply to a comment in ‘Pictures’ about typewriters not having a delete key- but i went and put my reply in the wrong thread,…