Joy in pictures


Mina rakastan Suomea <3

I found Meta Menardi really interesting. Would love to hear some more.


These are lovely. Such a great tone and feeling. I really love the hauntological potential of old film, particularly when you stumble across old undeveloped film. The capture and preservation of a singular moment, between light and chemistry. Something so honest and real about film photography, especially when under imperfection and unpredictability.


This cash machine stopped me in my tracks earlier this week. Dystopian vibes.


Thanks a lot! I recently got a pair of Uši Pro (LOM) microphones and hope to test them on these sorts of delicate sounds when I get the chance. Ought to give different results from contact mics.


got to hang out with @declutter in dublin!


Such a great night!!!


a python in my house / class / any other place where I’m there, definitely wouldn’t be a joy for me , i would definitely need some oral steroids if I would be there :smiley: lol, good for you that it is for you!! :slight_smile:



My girlfriend would love having some of these around, especially since she does botanical illustrations on occasion!


Is slight grumpiness in pictures allowed in this thread??

My Miniwave is poorly. Spent a couple of hours this afternoon trying to sort it out without success.


hi all, I’m new here, used to lurk around the old monome forum (had a 40h and 64 at various times) and was pretty active on the Mutable Instruments forum back in the DIY-only days. v happy that Lines is here :slight_smile:

this is Lila. She’s a rescue pup from our local shelter and has a soul-piercing stare (at least for me). She can be stubborn but I suppose so can her parents



The fun don’t stop!


I think I’ll try this with my cat. Not sure how long he’ll be willing to be an ornament for. Wish me luck.


@abalone Is that an egret?


Hahah, if only I could stop mine from climbing up there… :slight_smile:


i reckon, what do you think?
day out to bolsa chica state beach, california :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve only ever seen one in real life. (Sitting on a roundabout in Lancaster!). But looks like it.


new world


Sometimes I have bad days at work… Then a child hands me an innocent piece of work to mark. In this case, their healthy meal plan for a week. (8yr old). Saturday’s meal sounds spicy :smile: