Joy in pictures



My Dad has rediscovered a passion for photography andmade this image of Glasgow street art. To say he surprised me is an understatement!


great post!

glad to see pets here (including llamas and goats!)

introducing our little babies, flecha (rescued, that blondie streetdog), and riina (adopted from a friend, wirehaired dachshund). riina is still a puppy, but bringing lots of life and light to flecha, who suffered from abandon in the past.



Eep. There’s a wire-haired dachshund I follow on Instagram. I’ve never been super into them, but I think my mind and heart are gradually opening :slight_smile:

Here’s a non-animal pic, just so I don’t ALWAYS share those. This is my little Sympathy Limited pin spread as well as a card from my friend Jon Mueller that I’ve always appreciated.


Oh man…I kind of went nuts a while back, buying a bunch of enamel pins. Quickly came to realise I had nothing to put them on.


Yeah, I don’t really wear pins either, I just love the record label and have bought every release other than a font set.


Not sure if these should be in the democracy thread. But Glasgow has been demonstrating against a potential state visit from trump to the uk. (If you need help translating the signs page a Scot!).

Profanity isn’t quite taboo in Glasgow! (And wotsits are cheesy puff snacks, and bright orange).


eifel’s good hair day, fall 2016


Ha, Scotland isn’t very fond of Trump historically. I wouldn’t worry about pics that belong or don’t belong here, not that I personally am responsible for defining the thread, but if the other one is gear pics, from my perspective this is anything else so that people can keep the gear pics thread to be just gear pics.


A collage for your perusal. Sometimes I love being Scottish. Yeah we don’t like him, his golf course can gtf as well!


Oof, the comic sans shot. Maybe that crossed the line :slight_smile:


The “decking Nazis” one is my personal favourite!


Apparently someone is not so fond of soft furnishings:


This is Waffles. She’s getting a haircut tomorrow.


Going to see if I can manage a new pic everyday on this thread. Here’s a rehabbing hedgehog. (My friend rehabilitates various animals that have been abused/neglected)


jon is such a great dude.


Feb 1st - Get to work


Feb 2nd Sunset and scan lines


Feb 3rd Flashback to October, and brother’s wedding. Bunch of Scots descended on Las Vegas.

I’m the one at the back! Brother is second row, on left. Kilts flapping in the breeze!!


Playing/sharing awesome and wierd music is one of the BIG joys in my life
This is me playing a dj set early morning on a festival in Finland :notes: