Joy in pictures


oh god catdog was so good.


My fiancée booked fancy engagement photos and I felt super weird about them. She had all this makeup and stuff and it felt very weird. Kind of generic and artificial with all the typical poses and whatnot and she looked so different that it felt like I was temporarily in some other reality. SO, she indulged me in taking some more normal family photos that my old Parlour bandmate took. I wanted it to be just like ‘us’ without all the fanciness. We’re fostering a doxle (beagle / dachshund mashup) so we got him in the pics too…temporary family. Anyway, my little family makes me happy :slight_smile:


This dumb thing with all of her fur, atop all of the linens waiting to be washed.


Just completed my first decent hike, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the North Island of New Zealand. Now my knees are over it, it was really rewarding.


Is that hot springs in the pic?


It is, but it’s of significance to the Maori owners so no swimming. Also you would have four hours more hiking smelling like sulphur.


Oh wow @dansimco ! I really wanted to go on that hike when I was living in New Zealand. Sent me looking for a photo from my favorite weekend walk outside Wellington. This is above Red Rocks on the coast southwest of the city.


Nice! I did the queen Charlotte trail last week, and also hiked from Brooklyn out to Red Rocks . I do like visiting NZ.


Found a piece of history when packing up the Christmas decorations…


Last night, we laid in bed with this little guy Coco (I’m choosing to believe it stands for Coltrane Coleman). It was supposed to be a short-term foster as we helped improve his kidney levels for some dental work that was impacting a bad heart, but clearly Kentucky Dachshund Rescue had an unclear perception of his real health.

We got more bad news about his health last night (pancreatitis) and he’s deteriorating pretty rapidly. There’s really no way he can come back, and when the discussion progressed with the vets I’ve come to see how much he’s suffering, and quality of life becomes a real concern. He’s persnickety, but the sweetness he’s shown (usually when no one is looking in the middle of the night) is undoubtedly just a tiny window into how much sweeter he was probably before he got sick. I only got to hang out with him for a month, but I cried my way home from work last night listening to Dennis Wilson and I still feel pretty rough. We’re going to take him to the vet this evening to be euthanized. We’ve talked about being a home for senior dogs and I hope it gets better, but I try to remember that he could’ve been going through this in a shelter. I’m proud that we gave him a safe and loving environment for the time we had him. As hard as it has been, I’m glad we did it. Here are some shots of the little guy. It’s amazing how attached I’ve gotten after just a month and figured I’d share some of the love on this thread.

Also, PLEASE don’t feed your dog human food…this little dude’s body was likely destroyed by it :frowning:



The happiest of little monsters.

(A bit underexposed and corrected, FP4 on a Nikon F100).




Bought @kieselguhrkid’s Multicassa module. Tony at Leploop got me a new panel, and my daughter made the slightly damaged panel nicer.


New pork chop foster. It had only been a week since we had to put Coco to sleep, but clearly there’s a need for fosters as we were asked twice in less than a week if we could take another. This mini-ween is supposed to be about 9 pounds. Carter currently weighs in at 17.5 pounds. Time for some exercise and a diet while she’s with us :slight_smile:


Thoroughly enjoy exploring the turkish kitchen lately (with a vegan twist)


London squirrel in the snow


lots of love to be found in neighbouring Middle-Eastern branches like the Levantine and Persian cuisine, not strictly heavy on meat or meat-based at all - chickpeas, lentils, eggplant, nuts, pomegranate, yogurt, vine leaves, herbs and spices, not to mention the sweets and pastries…


Some dear friends of mine brought this to share over dinner last night. Sublime flavours.