Joy in pictures


Looking forward to diving deeper! I’d like to make some kind of steamed dumpling/pierogi, searching for inspiration…

There’s a lot of Syrian/Iraqi immigrants in my city so have been exposed to some great flavours last couple of years, grateful for that :slight_smile:


A win for me today. Made a passive ring mod for my modular. Circuits, schematics, and the like usually jam my brain, so I’m pleased that I worked this out. Never used a breadboard before, and the transformer legs are fiddly, so it’s a total mess, but sounding tasty!


Some recent pictures



unedited disposable camera photo a friend took when we were on a bikepacking trip in Southern New Mexico almost a year ago. he managed to spill beer on the camera at some point and only recently got the film developed. this is me meeting a legit bounty hunter while waiting for a bus. he said the guy he was recently searching for knew he was coming and tackled him by hiding and jumping out of a tree (!). he was doing okay but was looking forward to getting his back checked out:

here’s one of mine that didn’t get beer spilled on it:


An old school telephone switchboard from the museum in Akaroa, New Zealand.


A couple of photo’s i shot today


Some kind of self-portrait


Our third foster ween, named Ruby, snuggled in with her foster brother. They get along swimmingly. :slight_smile:




that’s a JUMBO-ween!


year of the dog


Happiness is…

Finding an old lost friend:

Finding the first recital piece you ever played:


Gnus not guns!


You will be missed :heart:


Agreed 20 characters of :cry:


Went to Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre in Glasgow today. Utterly brilliant.

Hundreds of carved figures and pieces of old scrap perform an incredible choreography to haunting music and synchronised light, telling the funny and tragic stories of the human spirit as it struggles against the relentless circles of life and death.

If you are in Glasgow it is definitely worth a visit.



Was about to post the exact same quote.