Joy in pictures


another one of my wife’s floral shots, this time with some unreal colours, which I quite like!


We adopted a second dog. Probably some sort of cattle dog mix. It’s weird having a dog that actively likes you, as compared to our resident monster who only tolerates petting if it involves treats.


oooh, I really really love those. Quite frame-able!


I’ll tell her! Thanks!


They seem to be getting along, assuming that is your other dog!

I have two dogs with very different personalities. One, like yours, will only tolerate petting and cuddles if there is something she can get out of it. Whereas my other dog would spend all day snuggled up to me, or anyone she has met for more than 5 minutes.

(That’s Tess, the cuddly one)

Here’s another typical shot


Today’s sunset from my studio, it was beautiful.


:heart_eyes: x 20 so I can make the 20-character limit!


I got a load of film developed after it was lying around for about 2 years, some of the photos came out pretty good after I scanned the negatives in. A mix of multiple exposures and just simply scanning two negatives on top of each other.


Ops! Wrong thread…


Been getting back into film photography after a bit of hiatus. Trying to incorporate field recording into my practice when going out for photography as well.

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Interested in broken textures, rust and grit. In music as well as pictures. Find myself taking photos of things like this:

Not really knowing what I should use them for :slight_smile:

Edit: A couple more


This would be perfect for the cover of Mel’s album. :grinning:


Haha! Yes indeed :smile:


Been in my happy place (out west in the Rockies, Wyoming specifically) the last few days chaperoning a ski trip…



This guy.
I know I’ve posted pics of him before, but…well… because he’s Haru.


Love Schnauzers! I have a Black and Silver Mini. She’s a real cutey. Here’s a close-up:


Awww, what a great nose. Boop! What’s her name?


That’s Sophie. Here she is with Tess the whippet. My girls. :heart_eyes:


Dog pictures always get hearts. Always. This should trickle down to the doggies themselves somehow. Treats for hearts maybe! :wink: