Joy in pictures


Ratburgers - prop for daughters costume for world book day


Snow day! Building an igloo with jnr it is!



Soooo sleepy…


Obviously not my pic… and not a instrument, per se

But check this out!
An early prototype of the Apple I, by Steve Wozniak

This got me hooked on the idea of a small modular instrument. Keyboard + teletype, tape echo or tape loop and some other modules/devices, in the same makeshift-manner… Love the briefcase :smile: !


super stylin pic and very much makes me want to sit on the floor in the middle of my house with a tape deck and some simple electronic sound-makers


20 chars of DO IT PLEASE! :grinning:


I might rather have that than a 2018 MacBook, especially if it doesn’t require any dang dongles.


as a 6502 junkie, that 0:A9 0 AA 20 EF FF E8 8A 4C 2 0 hit me right in the feels


English muffin fingerpainting


Dog sledding with my spouse in the Yukon



Double exposure from a weekend trip to the SW


Wow! Amazing cut! :smiley:


This is a very distinctive piece of indigenous naive art from the prolific Bakintrey Tribe, if I’m not mistaken.







Wow, great eye! The Bakintrey are particularly well-known for leaving behind pieces like this, though the baked morsels themselves are rarely found. :grin:


Thank you! 20charrrrrr


some ‘non-natural’ work from 2006-2008








Strange finds outside time and space in a westerner empire’s factory…