Joy in pictures


Friday, on the last night of this most amazing trip, we were spoiled with a spectacle so glorious that our hair stood on end with our mouths gaping wide open… the aurora borealis dancing in the sky above us with 140 huskies howling in unison



My girlfriend and I decided to try our hand at candle-making this evening, and I think we’re both pretty satisfied with the results of our first batch. Lavender and sage citrus oils with a hint of eucalyptus essential oil mixed in, plus some fresh lavender, dried rose petals, and crystals from around the house.


Port Albert, Australia. I got some fishing in before the cold weather hits.


When my son asks to geek out with me.


daisy-dog :slightly_smiling_face:


Pickle gang turf war. Autopsy reports to come. Me and the class had a blast.


Cecil Taylor



it’s posts like these that make me miss the days when all the pictures were in the same thread.


I’m still miserable about the thread split, makes me sad everytime (I’m too emotional obviously!) Especially when the broad “picture” thread is, weirdly, the gear oriented one. But that’s life I guess!!


Joy can’t mix with synthesizers. They are two distinct and separate parts of life. :slight_smile:


Ideally I think one picture thread should be sufficient. Particularly if the main focus of this forum isn’t on the equipment used. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case anymore and I welcome a picture thread that isn’t 90% Eurorack systems :slight_smile:


Yeah I get the idea, no problem, but then also the thread titles because of the forum history are backwards to me, the “pictures” thread is obviously a “gear and equipment pictures!” thread, and the “joy in pictures” is obviously a “pictures” thread with no gear in it, so my brain is all twisted with the labels backward (it’s especially true when everybody here seems to take much joy from their equipment and gear!!)


This morning I noticed that someone has set up a jellyfish tank in a hallway at our office.


This is the thing I’ve always told myself I would have if I were a supervillain.


This one is really small. Those jellies are at most an inch across.



I’m in Costa Rica teaching design for two weeks with CIID. We went for a drive in the mountains and stumbled upon this swimming spot.


amazing - both CR, and teaching there with CIID.


I visited Finland for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Loved it.