Joy in pictures


The perspective in that top photo makes it look like a lost De Chirico!


Recent shots:

more stuff like this on my instagram @ex_cerpt


Tell me this is not the best festival program you’ve seen in forever. Of course I can’t make it there.

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maybe next year in Singapore


I’ll be there for 21st to 24th. Thankful the timing and lineup have aligned for me this year.


The website is great as well.



I try not to post endless glamor shots of my synthesizer because I just don’t get the appeal and can’t imagine anyone really cares - I’d rather share the sounds that are produced with the tool.

I DO document my synth when I make significant changes, just because I’m giddy with excitement, but I don’t necessarily share that documentation.


I went to UCSC Arboretum with my Mom and Aunt Donna today. Brought home some plants from the plant sale.


Aggressive goose


Hah! That goose looks REALLY serious.


I think I was sitting on his favorite spot



Maximum joy I forgot to share. I got married a few weeks ago. That’s why I was posting about being in NYC as it was our honeymoon of sorts (though I hope to go on a more kooky once in a lifetime adventure eventually together - we get to NYC every year or so).

Had to get some family photos with the dogs after all the typical garbage wrapped up. :slight_smile:


I saw Alva Noto a couple of days ago here in Tokyo. He performed his latest album, Unieqav. Overall great concert and excellent visuals. There are actually a few photos I took in that instagram post but I’m not sure the embed will display them all…



congratulations :slight_smile:


Saw these two prisms in a tin box…


Spent the day driving my narrowboat (which I also live on) up the canal in glorious Scottish sunshine! Moored up for a barbecued lunch :slight_smile:


You live on a boat!?
That’s sweet!
Tell us more about it (if you don’t mind). All year round, or seasonal? What about electricity? Do you have studio in there? What does it look inside?