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Me and my partner are currently lodging on a friends boat (though he is never in so we get free reign) but we have, of last week bough our own narrowboat and are in the process of moving out if this one!

We live all year round, the moorings have electric hookup but there are batteries and a 12v system for when you’re on the move :slight_smile: I just have my music stuff set up in the corner on the floor at the moment, but on this new one I want to build a set of shelves so I can have a proper studio setup that can stay out. The trick is small gear, little mixing desk, 6U 84hp euro (on the way), volcas etc. No full sized keyboards or anything like that. I’ll definutley post a picture of the new micro studio when we get the new boat!
I really love living on water, you are much more in tune with the seasons and it’s a little more like luxury champing than living in a house! Having a home that moves is brilliant!
Here’s a quick shot of the inside, from the kitchen looking towards the stern, excuse the mess!


Wow, this is really cool! How do you cope with the winters?


Two wool blankets a duvet and a down sleeping bag open on top, plus a wood fire, a hot water bootle and lots of cuddling!! The canal can freeze for months on end!


Have you heard of Hundred Rabbits?


Spring has finally hit London.


Hi @pheeb a temporary house boater here (and @Oneven a temporary Amsterdamer). Our boat doesn’t cruise the canals but now that we finally have nice weather I’ve been spending evenings on deck enjoying a drink and watching the boats and birds go by. Here is a shot of some of the more pleasant canal traffic.

We also have very nosy neighbors.


Lovely! Kings Day is coming up so be sure to keep off any unwanted drunkards trying to climb on the roof. It doesn’t happen often, but something to keep in mind.


Ha! Yes, people have been warning us about protecting the boat on Koningsdag since we moved in this February. I was thinking about putting the heavier houseplants on the bridge as an obstacle to deter drunk visitors but my partner is worried that the plants will get knocked into the water. I’ll probably just hang out in the steering hut and watch the swarms of orange float by. If you ever want to meet up for a coffee or een beirtje I’m living here until mid-July.


That’s a slightly terrifying sight! Wouldnt get that close to a swan if I could help it! We are moored up most the time but take it out for the occasional cruise when the weathers right.


some recent shots:


Established a small tropical community, hopefully the plants will thicken out as the guppies are being rather territorial at the moment and the platys need hiding places. The 3 baby mollies give zero f’s to what’s going on!


Tried my hand at baking some Challah today. The finished product alongside my “test braids”.

Overall, more work than I imagined, but definitely planning on baking some more.


sunrise, chilao campground off the angeles crest highway in california.


My little tiger, Henri.


Was pretty pleased with this, thought I’d share.



Spring has finally sprung.


Nice! Always a pleasure to catch Alva Noto, Byetone and any of the R-N artists live. Whenever they play Metro Kyoto, it’s always a good time and visually pleasing.


Picture of a picture. Georgia O’Keefe eating breakfast, photo at her museum in Santa Fe. The Chemex caught my eye. I’m a coffee nerd, really liked seeing this. Weirdly made me like everything else I saw that day much more. I guess I’d ignored her a bit, but the museum visit made me realize how much I like her work? Not sure. Regardless. Georgia O’Keefe made coffee in a Chemex!

Stared at this one for a long time. Always thought of her as flowers and skulls, really took to her from a plane painting period,


Challah Round 2.

Learning, progressing…