Joy in pictures


10 inch screen from a broken netbook somebody at work gave me. 12 euros for a driver board from a nice man in Shenzhen. Start of a new DIY project (more on that another time).


The things you find when clearing out the store room…

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That is funny, and cool!



Patiently waiting for norns second batch on vacation in Slovenia. Going to get up at dawn tomorrow and try to get a better shot.


This looks wonderful, thanks for sharing. Where exactly is this in Slovenia? Is it as idyllic as the pic suggests?


Carlingford Lough, aka home.


her plane paintings are just wonderful - saw a roomful in a retrospective recently; so many years refining and exploring that idea.


This is Lake Bled. It’s ridiculously photogenic. Unfortunately after too much food and wine I wasn’t diligent enough to take dawn photos.


Wozzer. That is a serious bottle of wine.


I was flicking through old (100 year old) copies of Vogue magazine for a work thing when I came across this extraordinary cover from a fairly significant date


I understand that the moon spends half its time in our day, but I still feel like I’m looking at a sci fi sky when it appears. This pic does it no justice.


The picture took some time to load, which allowed me to read your comment before seeing it. When the picture showed it made me giggle a little bit. It’s so small that it’s kind of cute, and I actually quite like it that way.


Haha, uploaded the wrong pic! I did have a small cropped version.


That just makes it even better!


More Slovenia, straight off the SD card. Today I feel I captured joy


Still house hunting in Porto (with @Angela) , but it’s so amazing walking around and seeing stuff like this.


this makes me think of a passage in rilke’s ‘notebooks of malte laurids brigge’ which goes

The stubborn life of these rooms had not let itself be trampled out. It was still there; it clung to the nails that were left, stood on the narrow remnant of flooring, crouched under the corner beams where a bit of interior still remained…. It was in every flayed strip of surface; it was in the damp blisters on the lower edges of the wallpaper; it fluttered in the torn-off shreds, and oozed from the foul stains which had appeared long before.

and so on

edit: good luck finding a place @Rodrigo !



Played ecologist for a few weeks while on a creative retreat. Northern MI is lovely.