Joy in pictures


Sounds interesting.
Do tell more.


I think that now I’ve seen two separate polls I can add the caption, Sunset on the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution. A brighter day dawns tomorrow for women in Ireland.

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My first ever video camera!
It was left in a box at my desk along with the charger etc with a note wondering if it would be of any use. Spoke to the person who left it and they said throw it out if you don’t want it. There’s apparently a big pile of tapes I can have too. Needless to say, it came home.



Lily beginning to open.


Been awhile since I’ve posted, but I enjoyed taking pics of the pooches today. Some of the last cell phone pics before I get the camera this week hopefully! :slight_smile:

Ruby always looks like she is smiling.


I was awarded an “interarts fellowship” through school that sent me to a research facility in Northern Michigan. I’m a geographer by trade, so half the reason I was there was to work with some ecologists to survey successional pathways of northern hardwoods and make maps presenting change over time. The second half of the fellowship was for a multimedia project that I’m pulling together now (photography, field recording).

Side note: I’m trying to find a way to use geospatial data as a source for generative music… we’ll see where that goes.


Generative music and geospatial - I’ve been musing along similar lines for a while (I do a lot of work with GIS though more with 3dViz and game engines lately). I’d love to hear more about what you are up to at some point.

One thing I’m doing this summer with is not exactly related is 360 video (8k cameras in a globe configuration) around glaciers in British Columbia. Probably will do some field recording in spare moments and will think about augmenting the environment…


Yard Wandering.

Joyce has created garden rooms for different kinds of thought.

Sometimes I wish we were out in the country, but sometimes it is hard to tell we aren’t.

Ash likes garden walks, but he also likes snoozing afterwards.


(there’s some overlap with some of the pics from the agrarian thread, but these are relevant here)

After living out of a literal suitcase in Portugal for 6 months, at the tail end of being displaced and not having a functional creative space for nearly 2 years, @Angela and I have found a new place to live!

It’s out in the countryside in Porto and is basically a farm. We have big plans/ideas which I’ll post about in due time, but for now super excited to share these joyful pictures.

The house:

The view:

What will be our creative space:

One of several water features:


Woah, that’s so cool! Congrats!!


That’s incredible!
Congratulations’ so beautiful.


Beautiful!! Wishing you a both a wonderfully creative and joyful future there together surrounded in nature.


stuck at work dreaming about past adventures…some pics from the mountains of central Japan


Nice pics :grinning: - where in central Japan were you?


both those photos were taken in Yamanouchi-machi, but we were in the country for nearly a month and managed to see Takayama & Niko in the countryside, in addition to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.


Glad you got to visit the countryside! I lived in Osaka but my parents live up in Gifu prefecture. Your pictures are making me feel nostalgic of life in Japan :tired_face:. In a similar mood as you are, here are some shots taken in Kyoto.


I loved the countryside and wish we had spent more time there. The mountain train trips were amazing.

Among the big cities, Osaka was my favorite.


Meet Lady, our newest family member :slight_smile:


I haven’t been feeling very joyful recently, but Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto at Barbican last night was some good medicine.