Joy in pictures



Turns out the 2 platies we got were not both female! (A quick Google tells me that the anal fins are the giveaway).


Going back to studio with new project. I AM SO PSYCHED. Guitar above isn’t mine, but same model.


Sori, Genova, Italy.



Blasting along a Music Racer highway while listening to the new LCRP comp. (Pro tip: @AlessandroBonino’s track is really challenging as a level!!!)



I know there are lots of sayings around “if you can’t laugh at yourself”, but are there any that are advice about laughing too much at yourself?

Someone dumped a clapped out, barely functional pump organ at my local mountain bike trailhead, and so I posed for a picture. :wink:

edit: I think this is the most literal representation of “joy in pictures” I’ve ever been involved in. :wink:


Ruby’s philosophy of snuggling is basically giving zero fucks. Thankfully, I welcome any and all snuggles, especially the day before being away from the weens for three weeks :confused:


We recently replaced our crappy old Full-size foam mattress with a used Queen-size Tuft & Needle purchased from friends who upgraded to a king for their new house. It’s so much more comfortable than our previous beds, and it is definitely Ellie-approved, as you can see here.


Here it is where they took inspiration for Jake the dog from Adventure Time…he’s Billy!

I was trying to add some pedals to my board…


My new tattoo. A section from A Michael Noll’s rotation of a four dimensional cube.


penelope. <3 <3 <3


Clearly Ruby thinks she is a cat :slight_smile: That second photo though. Awwww


Early Nam June Paik video synthesis works at the Fogg Museum yesterday!


Glorious weather in Whitby (North Yorkshire Coast) over the weekend:


found myself in the middle of nowhere recently, and without any phone signal
felt like a moment from Spirited Away


This is Xenu, of _s_dad fame.


Finally moved into our (@Angela) new place last week and in the midst of unpacking and wrestling with all of that kind of stuff, we’ve been exploring the land of the property. Yesterday we brought in a nice haul of wild blackberries. (did you know that these delicious things just grew on trees*?)

*and by tree I mean prickly mess of wire-y/brambly bushes and vines


Here’s a picture of me being happy while performing, which is unusual-- I usually look like I’m vaguely annoyed.