Joy in pictures


Feb 4th - birds nest discovery

In this tangle of shrubbery, I have discovered a young sparrow has made is nest. Can’t wait to hear the little chicks later in the spring.


My happy place this morning.






is that on the US Pacific coast ? View is stunning.

(a mountain+water picture for the thread)


Looks a lot like Cannon Beach / Ecola State Park / One Eyed Willie’s treasure territory :slight_smile:



Feb 5th Let it go


Well, this is just a happy photo.


Gorgeous. I’m casting my guess for somewhere near Cape Lookout, Tillamook County?





the olympic peninsula.


House. I bought it 3 years ago after finally feeling like I’d found a place (in this case Ireland) that I wanted to call home. It’s a cottage built in the early 1930s.
It and the garden - there’s an acre - are a work in progress.


It looks amazing.
It feeds my romantic notions of living away from the city, with time for art-making all the time…


Feb 6th - attic find. Watched this in cinema when it came out. Had to hold back tears. :cry:


my jaw dropped
now I’m googling r&d


Holy crap, my mind was just blown by nostalgia


This is Boris. He’s my friend. He likes boxes. He’s a cat.


I was sitting unopened in a box that has seen two house moves and never been opened. There’s also a mewtwo card in it!