Joy in pictures


Here’s a picture of me being happy while performing, which is unusual-- I usually look like I’m vaguely annoyed.


Visited a children’s interactive art exhibition at Tramway (Glasgow) and my little person made this on the overhead projector.


That’s really striking! I love it.


I suspect I’ll be using it for release artwork at some point :grinning:



Sestri Levante, Liguria, Italia.


I have been meaning to do this for a while, and today, it finally happened. :smiley:


hey, great minds think alike! I just printed out the manual my Cold Mac was missing so I’d have the complete set to glance at. it’s 14" tall instead of 17", but you gotta do what you gotta do


I had a super amazing time visiting Chicago last week!

I got to:

  • hang with @Dan_Derks a bunch :heart:
  • see @shellfritsch/@wrmhmn/@madeofoak perform separately on consecutive nights
  • play an ARP 2600, Mellotron, a bunch of current synths, and the largest modular I’ve personally seen
  • catch up with @zzsnzmn, meet @Tyresta, @andrew & other lines folks who I’m surely forgetting (sorry!)

it’s impossible to articulate how amazing this community is and how thankful I am to everyone I got to meet, see perform, and stay with. love y’all, including those I haven’t met yet!


Looking after my partner’s bunny while she’s away. Glad to have the company, him ventilating all my blankets during this heatwave is an added bonus.



Finally have my studio set up too. It’s not as bombastic as @Rodrigo’s , but I need things close at hand in a tighter space…and also that particular table with that orange chair is where I just fit in. More storage to be added as I need it, but right now this is just right.

Studio furniture


I like both the picture and the name.


Making fish cakes!


This was real fun to shoot.

And by fun I mean gross.

And by gross I mean, happy birthday to the ground.


Glasgow Festival is on.

Saw an amazing piece of physical theatre/dance called Urban Astronaut by a company called Highly Sprung.



I like chaotic wiring. The above picture was taken yesterday on “Commercial Street”, a shopping area, in Bengaluru (Bangalore). I have similar pictures from other cities around the world, including plenty from my own Chicago alley in the last couple of years I lived there. Chaotic wiring knows no borders. If I ever have a serious break with reality, it will most likely be triggered by trying to read the message in hastily strung chaotic wires.


Ha, this is great. I lived in Bangalore for a number of years and surely have dozens of chaotic wiring shots from different places in India. Sweet memories.


Building a Mutant Hihats today. My 17 year old cat Henri is sitting in my lap helping out.


here, have a nice video of Catherine Destivelle climbing it: