Joy in pictures


Back issue clean-up time. These were just all over the place.


I have every issue of Wired from the first. Starting to be a bit of a space problem. But reading early issues where they explain stuff that is now so part of everyday life is kind of a blast.


“Yup, it’s still there.”

Walking past my favourite tree in Nara park.





that is one tasty IFM case!



I went to the Peter Blasser workshop in SF yesterday. Just sitting down this morning and getting acquainted.


Traveling through New Mexico and Arizona until late next week, at which point we’ll end up in Telluride. I’ve been dreaming about visiting the White Sands for a long time, and after camping in them overnight, I’m just floored.


That must have felt surreal. The colors are amazing.


It was especially surreal given the size of the individual campsites, which I wasn’t expecting — you basically get a massive dune range to yourself! Last night was incredible at dusk, with enormous lightning in the surrounding mountain ranges, but the sunrise (1st photo above) was just…spectacular.


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new here… Hello!
my backyard pond is just over a year old. cleared an invasive blackberry patch that was about 15’ high and about twice as much in side to side/front to back, revealing some beautiful (to me, anyway) boulders. I’ve always wanted a pond, so i called 811, made sure nothing was underground, and started digging.

it is a place that brings me joy throughout the seasons.

last summer:

last winter:

a few days ago:


thats awesome!


We’re moving from the city to the country and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll still have to commute to the city every day for work but I’ll be looking forward to enjoying my evenings on the balcony with this view.


The US’s largest Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens this weekend. It’s lovely but mostly I go for the music. I performed there with St. Louis Osuwa Taiko 7 years ago and I think they’ve gotten even better since then :slight_smile:


Yesterday at Governor Dodge State Park in Wisconsin, US


Breathtaking beauty!


Extra love to Mantana Roberts!


It’s been a busy season working on the house I bought. Flooring makes everything seem a little closer to completion.