Joy in pictures


Apart from making synth noise, my other main creative pursuit is making stained glass. I just finished this and I’m pleased with how it came out.

(I also just realized it’s roughly circular so now it’s my Lines avatar.)


Tim this is gorgeous!!


Wow, 20 characters of nice!


That’s really beautiful!


Wonderful – truly wonderful!


That purple at the bottom is ace!


2 Goats at the start of the climb


Tuna steak brings me joy :slight_smile:


here’s one for you, gear forum


//// pictures ////


Spring in my garden. I’ve got more into flowers as I’ve got older.


Melissa and Sibilla. Sibilla is a week or two old at this point, I think? Companions at the smallholding we stayed at in Italy on vacation.


Cat Belly

This photo is also a return to general purpose photography is fun and should be done more often for me and the family. We recently rediscovered the now ten year old Hipstamatic app, which still exists and is probably old enough to be retro. It’s pretty fun to use. Sure, it’s filters…and filters are everywhere, but it has a clever setting that a) doesn’t save the original unfiltered photo and 2) doesn’t give you the ability to edit the photo after you’ve taken it. I mean, you can still edit the photo…it’s a jpeg…but it’s more like you have to choose your “film” and your “lens” and then your pictures happen through that lens into that film - instead of taking a picture and then fussing with filters. You’re not taking a picture and adding a filter, you’re doing something else which is less about editing and more about snapping sweet pics.

We’ve had a great time the last week or two, taking pictures everyday, sending them back and forth. The 11 year old is into it.

So - in short - Hipstamatic helped us get some joy back in our pictures. Your mileage may vary.


Your chaotic wiring photo reminded me of these photos i shot recently


Twenty characters of beautiful.


I took a bunch of shots like this in Japan. Wires are everywhere!


Hah, that reminds me of some shots I took during my first year living here, now I almost don’t notice these anymore :smile:


Reminded me of this article:


Thank you for posting this. Trying to understand why I see these pictures (and in anime) was an itch I couldn’t scratch!