Joy in pictures


When I happily moved back to New Zealand, I figured missing out on seeing niche stuff like this was one of the downsides. Bit of a different flavour of joy in pictures, seeing these posters round town. Hope it’s ok




recent pond moments


I’ve been hiking in Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks (Utah, United States) for the past couple of days.

Maintaining Your Corporeal Form [exercise thread]

Suddenly kittens.

Ash left us after a brief illness, far too soon, and for a while we were unsure if more cats were a good idea, but then it was the right time and there were two that seemed a natural fit. Scout is adventurous and bosses her brother. Lynx is a bit timid but likes a good wrestle.

Scout using Lynx as a chin rest:

The makings of a good day:


Halloween was a good time this year.
Royal Jelly Jive, Balkan Bump, and Beats Antique at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz.


Beats Antique does a great live show. :sunglasses:


When the gods set up a pho cafe next door to your home


I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend. Never thought I’d live long enough to get engaged, let alone find someone who would actually want to marry me. Life is strange.


Thanks for those words, they make me feel less odd that I had similar thoughts when my SO asked me to move in with her. And that I still wonder that she puts up with me.


Facebook has given up and is now just advertising me the general concept of complicated cabling.

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Just finished a project to re-roof this shed so it can become my studio evenings and weekends… Definitely enjoyed the project, but absolutely overjoyed it is finally finished and feeling a bit like I got beaten up after the last push! Random grab bag of photos from the build…


Congratulations!! Very happy for you two!!


From an exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angles.


Peter Fischli and David Weiss!
Love them!


Thanks! I could not remember the artists names.


The Water Festival in Siem Reap in full force yesterday…


Some random photos i shot with my phone recently :slight_smile: