Joy in pictures


My little guys




Just started my first ever try at brewing (is that the right term) Kombucha.


successful first class today


The four-legged one lost his brother a week ago, but was helping me pick plums the other night. Certainly good for me, hopefully for him too.



Some posts by @jlmitch5 along with some of my students obsessing about these and my wife dipping into watercolor painting had me feeling like I should tinker with a new no-pressure hobby :slight_smile:




Haru high-five!


First fiddling with these markers this evening. Just random intuitive blob doodles. I never know what to draw and don’t really care, but it sure is fun with these markers!

Been awhile since I’ve uploaded any dachshund pics, so here’s some snuggling this afternoon :slight_smile:


Not sure if this is the right place to post, but this picture of a 14-foot tall vertical grand piano (climb the steps to get to the keyboard) makes me happy

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they missed a trick not putting it next to a swimming pool


i know this usually focuses on users’ own photos, but i’m not sure where else to put this (maybe we need a “miscellaneous cool internet stuff” thread).devoid of any context whatsoever, these images of soviet “control rooms” are pretty wild:

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In a somewhat similar vein, I’m fascinated by the look of analog computers.


And I am by the phone-operator banks of yore:

Thank you, Mrs. Maisel.


I think these photos made more sense in the context of the musical instrument pictures. I meant mine in the context of modular synthesizer design, not puppies and sunsets.


encryption machine Bletchley Park



I managed to catch this hero shot of one of the wooflets last week. Her interest is primarily the rabbit warren below, but it was sweet to see her briefly take in the view. Usually the phone-from-pocket time is longer than the dog-pose time and so I was pleased to capture this one.


This made me smile.