Joy in pictures


My spouse (a library assistant) saw this one last week and was telling me about it. :grin: I love that it was written by a rapper, too.


Interesting fact. You couldn’t hear a Pterodactyl going to the toilet, because the p is silent.

I’ll get my coat.


It’s funny because in French you do pronounce the p and the t and I remember it drove me mad when I was 4 years old because it was one of my favorite dinosaurs and I kept trying to explain to my friends at school that it was PTErodactyle and not Terodactyle but they kept repeating Terodactyle. I guess they just lived in the wrong country!


Did they send you to a psychologue? :sweat_smile:


No it’s fine, I just decided I wouldn’t have big discussion about pronunciation anymore and stuck to it!


Don’t worry - your language is not alone. In Polish Pterodactyl is basically “Pterodaktyl” and you also pronounce P and T. To be honest when pronouncing it in English I also thought you should pronounce P.


For some reason English speakers prounced the P in “Ptolemy” and “Ptah” (and “ptooey”, which I don’t think is Egyptian :grin:) but not pterodactyl or ptarmigan.

The only thing consistent about English is its inconsistency.


Not ˈtäləmē?

edit: To keep it Joy in Pictures (and Ptolemy?) related:

I’ve been following this youtube series on recreating one:


Maybe just a quirk of the particular Egyptologists I knew.


Really? I had no idea! Always good to learn something new :slight_smile:


“The only thing consistent about English is its inconsistency.” Yep - this is definitely true.
Though, if you thought English was tough, you just didn’t think it through thoroughly enough… :wink:

Anyhow… back to pictures! This my big old grumpy cat. He’s a bit unpredictable, but we love him anyway.


found a MI knob…

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Sunset in Wailea last night


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I’m actually spending some time working with David Klavins over the next year or so. I’ll be lending him a hand building one of those tall pianos in the next few months.


I met the person who refurbishes these one time outside a venue. I remember him being super nice and I think from Winston Salem, NC, and I think he gave me a little pin


This one is at the NC Museum of Art - we were there yesterday and it caught my eye. There were little boxes inside and the items were everything from painted tile pictures to handmade draw string bags. I didn’t have cash on me otherwise I would have made a purchase.


Definitely Winston-Salem. I think they came out when I was in high school? Definitely a pleasant twist on the towns tobacco legacy (Reynolds tobacco is based there)


I think there is one at slim’s too, right as you walk in the door to the right


I have seen one in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and one in the Whitney Museum in New York.

It must have been so physically satisfying to buy cigarettes back in the day!