Joy in pictures


The thing is, with all the wind, it was hard to hear any singing (or the pedestrians any ringing of my bell).


Ah, well, if you haven’t experienced it before, the raised octagonal platforms up on top of that hill will “sing” when the wind is right. Love to climb up and lay in the middle of them when I’m up there.

There are little holes drilled in the bottom of the handrails that play themselves like flutes, ive got some noisy recordings somewhere that I’ll try to remember to post.


First attempt at a bowl on the wheel and I’m quite happy with the result :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m finding pottery pure joy (my wife got me a course as my Xmas present) :heart:


Grumble’s first patch (he’s looking slightly annoyed as I had to take everything outside due to bad lighting in the studio…):


He’s learning, but gets tired of flying up and down to reach the top panels. Am giving him extra belly rubs at the moment.

I’m getting him a little two-panel 4U Stroh/Ian Fritz setup, hopefully here early next week. it seems he’s getting quite possessive of the big Serge though!


That’s a fun drop. :bike::mountain_snow:


It is. And I love the beaches down below. But that time in the wind and the rain I just rode to the top and turned back. It was peaceful.


One time I did that ride, and it was foggy and drizzly, and just below the top, I broke though the cloud cover. Up above the clouds stretched as far as I could see in all directions, level and fluffy and about 30 feet below me. It was bright and sunny up there. It was surreal, like a Christian postcard brought to life. I stayed at the overlook for about 10 minutes taking it in, then biked down the hill and was deep in fog again within 5 seconds.

I find San Francisco fairly depressing these days, but the Bay Area is still so ridiculously beautiful.



Breath of fresh air
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Is that a Welsh dragon for St David’s day?


Quite far for an egg to travel, though I suppose there may be some Welsh lineage. There almost always is. But he seems to really dislike cold and damp. I’d assume many generations spent in the desert somewhere.


Unfortunately the photography doesn’t capture even 10% of colors that were on sky, but still I feel happy looking at it.


Found this in the trash. No idea if it works as I have no idea how to power it. Looks fun, though.


Torre degli Asinelli and Torre della Garisenda


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from where?



I too am interested !



It’s from the book incognito: the secret lives of the brain. It amused me because I remember when I first found lines, I really struggled to type the url.



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