Joy in pictures



he found where we hid his food! he is talented!


That’s a cool looking chicken :slight_smile:


He’s a Polish rooster. (Polish is a breed that has fancy feathers).

Cluck Norris is a total asshole and if he wasn’t so beautiful he’d be soup by now.


Oscar watching the world go by in South-East London.


From left:
Me, my sister, my Father, playing jug, my Grandfather, playing fiddle, and my Uncle, playing guitar. I’m guessing Spring 1954. Out on the porch at the farm in Indiana.


Krakow 2007


Although it doesn’t look like it, my 14-year old self did have a huge amount of joy 36 years ago.

Now if I only had bought a multitrack cassette recorder as the next step…and had developed a straighter posture…


It was warm enough today to sit outside in the park and this fellow decided to hang out :slight_smile:


olympic stadium Phnom Penh. iconic brutalist architecture.


On my way home.


Been awhile, but some bursts of nice weather have me working on some action shots - hard to get good running shots, but a fun challenge :slight_smile: Helps to have a new zoom lens though.

The indoor shot I just thought was cute, because I came out of the shower and Ruby was up on the arm of the chair and snoozing like the cat (who was on the back of the other chair in the reading/record listening room).

Sorry to the few of you who follow me on Instagram since you’ve seen these.


hard to explain

so many memories flooding back with this in hand