Joy in pictures


An acre of land ensures that all the time art making certainly doesn’t happen! Things to chop and trim :slight_smile:

But, it also gives lots of space for sheds. This one has my music stuff in it.


I choose to see this as art. There are certainly many subjective aesthetic decisions involved.

(your place looks lovely!)


kelli and my experience on the farm has been a story of perpetual over-ambition, in a very good way.

and agreed, it basically enters an art-realm. photo attached from the arc print. i can’t really believe it either sometimes.


Sometimes I just wanna :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: (can’t click “Like” enough)


that is truly remarkable
what a beautiful shot!


A double rainbow from our place. They tend to appear almost directly overhead, making photography difficult.


what does it mean!!!


much needed rains have transformed the LA landscape into a verdant paradise. brings me so much joy!


Feb 7th - I remember when anarchy was written in blood, not chalk.


this is still one of the most magical places in the world.


Thanks :slight_smile: I feel lucky to have found it. It’s pretty much what I always imagined I would buy in my head but never had the opportunity to do so until relatively recently. It was my first house purchase.
An interesting comment on the art aspect of chop and trim. I’d never thought of it that way but, yes, lots of decisions as to how things look so I see your point.

Ha! All the time with over-ambition. When we moved in, the land that wasn’t totally overgrown trees was full of 6 feet high thistles. I like thistles but not that much. I figured it would take a few months to get them under control (no nasty pesticides here) - it took more like 2 years. Fun learning though.

One last house photo - the view towards the bottom of the garden. That’s the sea in the distance, maybe 3 miles away.


Wait…you’re in Glassell Park?

I’ve never seen that sign though. Which park is this?


Feb 8th. I’ve always loved symmetry and geometric patterns. So I smile when I pass this vent at Glasgow School of Art each day.


i loved visiting that place ! a beautiful (and sensefully architectured) building. I got very sad when i learned about the fire, and hope it recovers well.


Sort of off topic, but here, there was one of those otherwise fairly common nature programs on the teevee that was devoted to the idea of biogeometry, and it was one of the most fascinating nature shows I’ve seen. Tailored for mass understanding, but nevertheless, pretty compelling. They got in to a fair amount of actual math, and theory, and did some neat stuff with graphical overlays on still images, illustrating how natural selection has produced structures which can be perceived to reflect mathematical rules and/or concepts.


Math in nature! One of my favorite topics. Some recent finds.

And then this one touches on math, nature, art, AND visual physiology (quadruple hit on the relevant-to-my-interests scale!):


Love this. Thanks @jasonw22

I’ve been rummaging through forests with my little girl looking at leaf patterns. I love how the stinging nettle plant produces each new leaf pair at a 90 degree angle to the last.


Thanks for the pointer. I’ll post it again later on.


Reminds me of yesterday’s doorbell photo from @disquiet.


i thought there was only one park in glassell park :smiley: have you been to the rec center? pool, baseball, tennis, very charming public workout equipment.