Joy in pictures


Feb 25th mail

Nice surprise came in the post. Thanks again @Simeon :smile:


Feb 26th Skyr

Can’t believe I’ve found Skyr in Scotland. Happy days.


I got a vaguely matching orange fleece for Murph while I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming :slight_smile:


Feb 27th old goals

When I was into skating (blades) about 20 years ago I always wanted to try and skate this. Never did though. Bottler!


Feb 28th Scotland

Last one for a while. Cmon Scotland for the triple crown!


Ok “joy” is probably not correct for this.


I won’t flood this page with pics of our guy Haru, I promise. I’m sure every pet owner has to use a certain measure of self-restraint in that regard!


uncle Sal got a la pavoni machine :slightly_smiling_face:
he’s excited his @kelli_cain cups arrived

so cool, thank you


More of my cat :slight_smile:


Why a picture of a slightly beaten up old 2009 Core2Duo Macbook Pro?
I’ve mentioned in another thread that I like buying broken things to try fixing them.
This MBP came from ebay for the grand total of €23. Description - "Broken - does not work."
After a few hours of prodding and testing I come to the conclusion that the harddrive cable is borked. 2 weeks later a replacement cable arrives (cost €10) and fixes the problem!

An added bonus was that the original owner hadn’t password protected the login and there was an old version of photoshop on there - CS5 I think. Newer than the version I had before anyway. (Yes, I deleted any personal information I found - there wasn’t much).

It continually amazes me what people will throw away and why.




Not too joyous. I’m really disheartened when I see things like this makeshift “home” in a fire escape. Homelessness in Glasgow is a major concern. And the lack of funding/support available is shocking.


Silicon Valley is full of tent camps. They line the commuter train tracks for thousands to see every day. Tent camps in SF and Santa Cruz as well. Seattle too. Some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world.


Photos from my wife, taken yesterday.


that tamper tho

(Twenty characters)


i know :slight_smile:
sal took the photo, he went to the coffee con at los angeles convention center
someone from the la marzocco booth gave it to him, wrong size, but he couldn’t let it go…


Lines, meet Bruce.


found a great deal on quality woven goods (i’ve outgrown some of my older batch)

wont post pictures of her but my neice likes to go to games and the shared experience is always special


How much is that kitty in the window?

The scene that welcomed me home from work today. Then I got out of the car and realized two more were just out of the frame to the right.