Joy in pictures



That is one majestic beast.




@manycrows was my first online nickname.

There’s a freak occurrence where sometimes crow murders can gather in the thousands. In 1995 this happened in downtown Kansas City. They roosted for the night in the Plaza, seemingly centered on my apartment. They’d wake up just before dawn and start flying off in long rows to wherever they were planning to spend the day, and as they did this, they’d call to each other, and the calls would travel up and down the lengthening rows of birds. From the ground it sounded like this crazy cacaphony of echoes and Doppler effects. I’d wake up with them just to listen. It was an amazing sight too, thousands of crows in the sky. At night when they returned, they would cover every square inch of every tree in the neighborhood. The sidewalks and parked cars were absolutely coated in crow poop. Whole thing really made an impression.


It’s funny you say that. I’m living in Boston now attending college, but I grew up in KC. More times than not when I was out gigging or just hanging out in the downtown area near the Plaza or Westport at night,I would almost always notice a number of crows in the trees!


troy, ny a few months back. spectacular.


Yes, that’s it exactly! Mesmerizing.


'food and dogs :slightly_smiling_face:
… (or whatever you want)


my morning walk in pictures


I had to look at it for like 30sec to be able to say the cow one as something OTHER than a GTA-type landscape with broken geometry (the way the fence stops at the cow etc…).


Yeah that picture is pretty special I think


Calving season in full swing.


Aww, hi Ruby 3! Thanks for joining us!


Heron + Blossom + Sun in St James’ Park, London this morning.

Shortly before buying the first part of this system (Echophon and Mix4) from @papx, thanks .



Stumbled on this on my Sunday morning bike ride in a rougher neighborhood in Louisville called Portland. It made me happy :slight_smile:




@abalone - Now that’s an eye catching image! Love the flip flop of the picture.

@standard_grey Oh my - that is so cute!

We had a mini schnauzer named Tippi. She was a chunk! Built solid - big - not fat at all. She LOVED to have her beard tugged. Rescued her as an older dog and she lived with us about 6 years - last couple with diabetes.

Here’s 3 of our 4 current dogs… all are rescues. Left to right: Bourbon, Andi, Opie. We rescued Bourbon and his mom Brandy about 2 years ago - they were dumped in Chicago Animal Control - Brandy was a puppy mill dog. Andi and Opie just joined us a couple months ago. They were found abandoned in northern Chicago.

Brandy (not in the picture) just had knee surgery last week - and is coming along beautifully. I’ll post one of her someday soon.


Rescues - that’s great! My girlfriend and I are hopefully going to be buying a house this summer. After that, we’ve discussed either fostering dachshunds or just adopting older ones to give them a good final stretch of life.

To tie that to other joy -I’m a big baseball fan, growing up in Wisconsin in the glory years of the Yount/Molitor era of the 1980s. I’ve also adopted the Mets as my other team since my sister is up there and I’m trying to direct my nieces to NOT be Yankees fans (I took my older niece to her first Mets game when she was 3 months old). Here’s a pic of Murphy and I settling in for the first Mets game of the season on Monday. I suited him up in orange. I’m on spring break, so it was a fun day of baseball and time with the little dude.