JTG Drum-FX 2: Help with old drum synth

Hi Peeps!

I just came across this drum synth from ~ 1986 in the goodwill. I haven’t powered it up yet but wonder if any of y’all have ever heard of it or can provide any resources (like a manual) or words of advice.

Google is not turning up much.

I am concerned that it probably will not work, but couldn’t resist giving it a shot. There is a missing back panel with a skinny black cable sticking out of the empty recess. There’s also a ROM input that I assume is probably missing a cartidge that I’d need to make the thing work.

It is a JTG Drum-FX 2.

Here are some pics.

Front Angle
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Google Photos

Back panel
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Any help or info appreciated!

I realize this is an old post, but I thought I’d at least leave some info here (for future generations to find…). You need a ROM chip to get any sound out of this. I don’t know how many different kinds were made, but I have the ‘Electric Snare #1’ ROM and the ‘Timpani’ ROM. I don’t know if the chips were made especially for this or if they came from elsewhere. The Drum-FX 2 needs 9 volts to power it, and the compartment at the back is for the batteries, so you can wire in a 6xAA carrier (which is what it came with) or just a 9V connector. There was also a 9V cable you could get for it, but I never got one. Also, you can trigger it from the Ext. Pad Input jack. I’ve been using it with my Eurorack gear. Anyway, without a ROM it’s not going to be very useful. From what I remember it was very expensive. I special ordered mine in '86 and it cost several hundred dollars (I want to say $500 but maybe it was only $300). The ROMS were $30 each. I have the manual for it, which I can scan and email if needed. Also I can try to post more info if needed.

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